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FAIIINT Wishlist Sale Buys - ASOS, AllSaints, AF Vandevorst, Zoe Karssen, French Connection, Topshop, Selected Femme, Kiomi, & Other Stories, S.Y.L.K, Wildfox, Lost & Found

There’s nothing worse than when sale season comes around & you can’t buy anything, because you’re supposed to be saving. That doesn’t mean I’ve not been window shopping though, and I think I may be able to justify a few of the really cheap things on my list, or the staples that are at too good to pass up kind of prices.

You may remember that Topshop skater dress from a previous wishlist, I never did get around to buying it & I’m still a little obsessed with it’s minimal oriental feel. It’s now down to a tiny £15, and I think that’s justifiable, right?! The same with the ombre jeans & the bandage dress too, both were in & out of my shopping basket more times than I can count over the past month or so. I really shouldn’t, but I feel like at those prices it’d be silly not to take advantage, especially when I know how much I’d wear them.

The one thing I really wish I could justify is the A.F Vandevorst draped jacket, I’ve had my eye on it for months & now it’s at 50% off, right when I could (but really, really shouldn’t) get it. FarFetch is further taunting me by showing there are just 2 left, both in my size, and it’s taking all of my willpower to not just hit checkout. Whilst it might be something I could consider a staple, and the cost-per-wear would make it a total steal, I have to be serious & just admit somethings are more important. I’ll still keep torturing myself watching that page though, hoping that just maybe one might still be left when I can hit checkout without feeling guilty.

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  1. Posted 15.07.2013 at 1:47 pm | Permalink

    Eeep, I wish I had money for all the awesome sales around. I really love that tee and the ombre jeans are super cool. Why aren’t we rich!? ;) x

    • Posted 17.07.2013 at 12:45 pm | Permalink

      Ahh, tell me about it… With your luckiness though, I hope you put the lottery on, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you’d won! Hah! ;)

  2. Posted 15.07.2013 at 9:57 pm | Permalink

    Those jeans are soooooo RAD!


  3. Posted 16.07.2013 at 8:46 am | Permalink

    I think the topshop skater dress looks great! The price is good too…

  4. Posted 16.07.2013 at 10:58 am | Permalink

    Those ombre jeans are splendid Wonderful pieces, and I agree it’s so hard to resist sales! :D

  5. Posted 16.07.2013 at 4:56 pm | Permalink

    definitely go buy the skater dress, £15 bargain! i was gonna buy the open shoulder dress you featured a couple days ago but hesitated too long and they don’t have my size now :(
    love the ombre jeans wish my big hips fitted into skinny styles!

    • Posted 17.07.2013 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

      Oh no, that’s such a shame! I hate when that happens! :(
      At least you have curves though, instead of being like a boy like me, I would love a bit of hips/boobs/bum! Always want the opposite to what you have, huh? Hehe! :)

  6. Ira
    Posted 16.07.2013 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

    Amazing selection! So cool:)

  7. Posted 18.07.2013 at 4:48 am | Permalink

    i have a very similar spike necklace from wanderlust+co! love your sale picks, that scuba dress is now on my list!

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