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Yet again, I have to apologise for the lack of posts, I’ve been having scanner issues & have spent the last few days trying to fix it. As I didn’t really have the cash to buy a new one, and being a bit of a tech nerd, I really wanted to sort it out. It infuriates me when I can’t fix things, I guess this is down to coming from a family of ‘fixers’, if somethings broke one of us will be able to fix it, and I’m the tech one, so I spent the last few days determined to work out what was wrong, I contemplated taking it to bits to see what the problem was, but as it’s an all-in-one & the printer works fine, I didn’t want to risk it, so I caved & brought a new one…

I’m sure you’re probably noticing a little theme with the most recent illustrations, the fact I’ve become obsessed with circles & triangles. I’m putting this down to me spending a lot of time recently flipping through my Da Vinci book, as I can’t go to the exhibition at The National Gallery, it’s the next best thing, I’m telling myself that anyway, I’m seriously gutted to be missing it. Da Vinci used triangles & pyramids extensively in the composition of his paintings, they naturally draw the eye to the important aspects of the piece & invisibly mark out key areas, they are also one of those things that once you see them, you can’t unsee them & you then start noticing them all over the place!

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For some reason recently I have not been able to stop drawing birds, I don’t know what it is about them, but they are just so nice to draw & doodle, I guess maybe it’s all the feathers, you can really lose yourself in it & all the little details. I dug out my Wacom tablet for this too, for the highlights & extra shading, I don’t use it anywhere near as much as I should & this piece has persuaded me to use it much more often.

Crows & other members of the Corvid family are some of my favourite birds, I love all the mythology & tales that they have inspired, they are often considered mystical & associated with a trickster spirit, which I think is quite fitting of them, as they are highly intelligent. Corvid’s are the only other species besides humans, great apes, dolphins, orcas & elephants that are capable of self-awareness & can recognise themselves in a mirror, even using it as a means to groom themselves!

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Just a quick sketch of my Nico, this is his guilty face, he pulls this face when he knows he’s been a bad boy in an attempt to look so adorable that I won’t tell him off for it. This time he ran off with one of my socks, and this time the face worked. I am such a sucker for puppy eyes & he knows it!

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Maud Traon Rings

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Firstly, I appologise for the extreme lack of posts, my laptop got infected with a number of viruses & it’s been getting fixed for the past few weeks, so I’ve only had my phone. I was told I would probably need a new laptop, which I seriously could not afford right now, as the infection had compromised the security of the system! It is just my luck that my copy of Norton had expired only 2 days before & I was too caught up with other stuff to renew it… I got it back last night though, and fingers crossed, everything seems fine now.

I did this illustration of Maud Traon‘s beautiful rings for Amelia’s Magazine about a week ago. I’m usually awful at drawing hands, so this was quite a challenge, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out & Maud’s rings were really fun to do, building up lots of textures to create the glittery effect.

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