FAIIINT Wishlist Topshop bralet, Allsaints choker & chain double rings, The Kooples cropped jacket, Helmut Lang draped skirt, Margiela Box bag, Nicolas Andreas Taralis boots, leather Ray-Ban wayfarers

I’ve been a little absent recently as life & work things have gotten in the way the past week or so, but now things are settling back down & everything should be back to normal. I hope my fellow Brits that are reading have enjoyed our 4 days of Summer too & made the most of it? I think that’s it for us this year! The balmy weather & my lack of suitable smarter clothing for this heat meant I found myself doing a lot of window shopping & mentally wishlisting suitable outfits.

This Helmut Lang skirt has been on my mind for a while now, when I first saw it last year all the black versions had sold out & I was gutted, but it seems to have popped back up again for this season & now I can’t decide! The problem is, now I’ve seen it in person I know I could make this myself very easily in a few hours or so, for barely more than £15 & I could make it more of a highwaisted fit that I’d prefer too, only I never seem to have the spare time to! It would be perfect with the little bralet showing a sliver of stomach in between, casual, comfy & perfect for the heat, but with a slickness about it too.

My favourite way to smarten anything up is to throw a good blazer or tux over it, and as you’re probably aware I’m pretty partial to cropped versions. This one from The Kooples is going straight to the top of my ‘reward for when you’ve paid off your overdraft’ list, the boxy cut, the satin lapels & the perfect length, it is beyond perfection. Anyone else have to bribe themselves with ‘rewards’ for things like this or is it just me? I’ve not spent a single penny on unnecessary items for months now, and the idea of a reward is the only thing keeping me on track!

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    Just discovered The Kooples the other day… their designs are DELICIOUS. Chic but edgy, and apparently this new season is rockabilly inspired. Everyone in their lookbook is a real couple and looks like people with whom we would be friends. *swoon* Thanks for including them in this post and reminding me how much I want some of their wares ;)

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    Leather covered Wayfarers! How did I NOT know of their existence?!
    That HL skirt is divine.

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    I’m doing the same, trying to be good so that by the time Orla Kiely releases the Bichon Frise bag I can buy it without feeling guilty (because I know I’m never going to use it, but how could I not buy a Freddy bag?) I say treat yourself definitely, you sound like you’ve been working so hard too! x

    Josie’s Journal

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    I know what you mean re the HL skirt. I was dying over it last year and needed the black but it was sold out and I ended up getting a cheaper version from ASOS instead. Now it’s like everywhere I turn there it is, in black too and I’m kinda sitting on the fence again. That said it’ll end up selling out and I’ll kick myself all over again. Sigh. BTW hope you guys get a few more days of sunshine and summer. The year is still (somewhat) young!


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    agreed: a blazer makes any look smarter and that tux one in your look looks amazing. I’m also in love with the bralet, not so much with the Helmut Lang skirt (even though I do see it as a oerfect fit for you!)


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    Those boots are sooo beautiful (and they have my name in…) and you definitely deserve a treat after all the hard work you’ve been doing!

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    OMG. And over here in Sydney we’ve had the hottest May ever, it almost hit 30c today (??!!).. want to swap?

    Leather covered raybans!? I need those in my life. And oh I have the pond version of that skirt and it’s funny because I’ve often looked at it and thought, I could totally make that! And I actually went as far as buying some jersey for it one ambitious weekend but never actually got round to putting it together..

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    There have been so many times when I have seen and tried some garments on me & I have thought to myself: I could easily make this myself! But I am like you- very busy with my schedule, therefore, I very rarely have time to make something creative for me!
    I really like everything you chose on this list, especially that cropped blazer! But as sometimes summers in Latvia tend to be hot, I think that I couldn’t survive being dressed in all black!

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    I absoluely love all black looks, the skirt is such a clasic and love how edgy you would style it!

    Much love xxx

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    I wouldn’t mind that jacket, I love the shape of it and the boots are my favourite!

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    Perfect dream outfit, love the bracelet, and I want to try one of those Alexander wang inspired bralettes. All black makes it strong x

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