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I always find myself feeling super casual at this time of year. I’m not sure if it’s the fact January and February are always miserable, freezing and grey or if it’s the come down from all the festivities. Either way, I seem to spend my days in trainers and swathes of cosy layers, always choosing comfort first.

I’m not usually a fan of trainers for women, I tend to prefer unisex or men’s styles. The ones aimed specifically at women are often a bit more colourful and have busy prints or unecessary extra details. As you know I’m more of a paired back kind of girl, especially with trainers. Nike have completly won me over with their Air Max Thea though. The shape is a little sleeker, more refined and feminine, but other than that it’s very subtle. I already have a pair in triple black, but these Ultra SE’s, with their mix of black on black suede and snake textured fabric might have to be my next addition. This is adding print and extra detail done right.

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FAIIINT jewellery picked up from travelling Thailand, Cambodia and China. Pale blue topaz druzy silver necklace, black rainbow pearls, milky white and orange quartz handmade wrapped raw crystal. FAIIINT jewellery picked up from travelling Thailand, Cambodia and China. Pale blue topaz druzy silver necklace, black rainbow pearls, milky white and orange quartz handmade wrapped raw crystal. FAIIINT jewellery picked up from travelling Thailand, Cambodia and China. Pale blue topaz druzy silver necklace, black rainbow pearls, milky white and orange quartz handmade wrapped raw crystal.

When I started unpacking, I noticed that by complete accident I had come home with a piece of jewellery from each of the countries we had visited on our trip. A silver and blue topaz crystal necklace from Chiang Mai in Thailand, a milky quartz pendent from the Siem Reap night market in Cambodia and a string of black pearls from Beijing in China. I love collecting jewellery, but I wasn’t really looking out for pieces or souvenirs whilst I was away. I just kind of stumbled upon each of these and knew immediately that I needed them.

The first was the quartz shard. We were wandering through the night market in Siem Reap on our way to dinner when I saw a wooden cart all decked out in fairy lights, smelling of incense and essential oils. As I got closer I saw that it was draped in crystal jewellery. The pieces were beautiful, but none of them really felt like me. I was about to walk away, when the lady who owned the stall asked if I needed any help. As we got talking we learned that she was British, and that she had been a nurse back home but had moved to live with a Hill Tribe in Chiang Mai after her kids had grown up. She now sells these handmade pieces along with teas and oils, and comes to Siem Reap with her husband every few years to sell at the market. We couldn’t help but feel a bit envious, but also quite inspired by her adventurous spirit. She pointed me to a little basket of crystals on the shelf, and told me to see if anything caught my eye. I poured through, and suddenly found myself drawn to this pointed, white fragment. Nat said it reminded her of a tooth, and that was that. I handed it over and when I returned a little while later it had been hand knotted into the perfect necklace.

Next came the silver and topaz necklace. On our second day in Chiang Mai, I spent the afternoon wandering around the old city, drifting in and out of shops and sampling the street food. Chiang Mai is full of wonderful little independent boutiques selling handmade pieces and I was really glad I’d had the chance to look around properly. My heart skipped when I saw this necklace in the window of The Silver Cafe, and then again when I noticed the price. I couldn’t afford it. I stared longingly at it for a while before forcing myself to keep walking, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Walking back to the hotel a few hours later I passed the store again and decided to go in. I looked in every case, and though there were many beautiful things none of them were the necklace. I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t buy it, so I decided to see if I could put the haggling skills I’d honed in Siem Reap to good use. It didn’t look like the kind of place that would entertain offers, so I was amazed when I managed to get it down to a price I could afford. It was still a little more than I should have spent, but it’s something I’ll treasure and to me that makes it worth it.

Lastly, the black pearls from Hongqiao Pearl Market. When we arrived I was pretty underwhelmed by the silk scarves and knockoff fake leather bags on the lower floors, but then we reached the 3rd floor and saw the pearls. String and strings of them! Personally I don’t like the perfectly round, uniform kind so I was much more taken by the cheaper, imperfect sets. The prices seemed too good to be true, but we gave them all the tooth and scrape test, and they were infect real. When I brought these black ones I thought I was buying them on a string and that I would have to make them into a necklace myself. I hadn’t even haggled with her on the price as they were already so cheap (£7!), so I was speechless when she whipped out some silk thread and a clasp from under the counter and started knotting them into a necklace.

There’s something so special and even a little magical about jewellery. It seems to capture memories and moments in time so effortlessly. Each piece developing its own story and history that can be passed down and built upon over the years. I never intended to pick up a piece from each place, but I’m going to try to carry this on and bring a home a new piece from each country I visit from now on.

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NYE Planning

NYE New Years Eve all black outfit wishlist

As I’m finally starting to pack my suitcase ready to see in the new year in Thailand, my mind has turned to what I’ll be wearing to do it in. I have a case full of general (black, of course!) holiday clothes, but I hadn’t given a lot of thought over what to wear for the big night. With the heat and humidity I’ll be keeping things as fuss free as possible, relying on simple pieces in loose, airy fabrics.

If NYE isn’t a good enough excuse for a glittery, star covered pair of stilettos then I really dont know what is. Sadly, my baggage allowance and already stuffed suitcase isn’t going to allow me to take a pair of shoes that I’ll only get to wear once. So I guess I’ll need to find another excuse to buy these beauties from Dune instead!

The sale at Topshop has been particularly good this year, and I’ve had my eye on quite a few pieces lately. This ruffled playsuit is top of my list though. Perfect for day or night it’s a great multitasker that will be ideal for packing, and is something I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of back in the UK too. I refuse to buy clothes just for going on holiday, so this is important. I don’t understand why you would spend a lot of money on loads of cheap pieces just to throw them in the attic and then probably do the same all over again next time, it’s so wasteful and kind of ridiculous. That’s why even though I’ve brought myself a few new bits and pieces in the sales, they’re all things I’ll wear in the summer here too. You definitely won’t be seeing any instagram photos of me in white, or summery brights!

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Autumn wishlist


Cooler weather calls for heavier fabrics, interesting textures for layering and stand out jewellery to add a little sparkle to the upcoming grey days. I live for Autumn dressing, and despite being sad to say goodbye to the warmth and sunshine for the year, getting to shop for cosy knits and accessories never fails to put a smile back on my face.

I’ve already begun searching for a good replacement for my favourite pom pom beanie, it’s starting to look pretty tatty now but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it. It’s the cosiest hat I’ve ever owned, and I love the chunky knit and giant pom pom. Seriously, if you guys see anything like it please drop me a link! For now, the closest I’ve found is this ribbed beanie from Topshop with a cute faux fur one. I’m hoping that when it arrives it’s at least half as snug as my favourite, otherwise I’ll just have to continue wearing the old one until it falls to pieces!

I know this is a wishlist, but I’ve actually already brought another item on this list too. As soon as I saw the triangular backpack it went straight in my basket. I’ve been craving an interesting looking backpack for years now, one that effortlessly combined function and practicality with style, and this is exactly what I’d been searching for. Sometimes it pays to wait for the perfect piece and it’s come along just in time for my trip to Thailand, where I know this is going to come in super handy when it comes to lugging my camera around.

A great pair of ankle boots are my favourite no matter what the season, but they really come into their own in the Autumn. I have too many pairs to count, but I love the ultra classic shape of this pair, plus the addition of the padded soles for extra comfort. I think my days of putting up with pretty but uncomfortable heels are long gone now!

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Birds N Bones Darkling Beetle Collection

Birds N Bones Jewelry Darkling Beetle mini collection, shot by Aubrey Janelle. Birds N Bones Jewelry Darkling Beetle mini collection, shot by Aubrey Janelle. Birds N Bones Jewelry Darkling Beetle mini collection, shot by Aubrey Janelle. Birds N Bones Jewelry Darkling Beetle mini collection, shot by Aubrey Janelle. Birds N Bones Jewelry Darkling Beetle mini collection, shot by Aubrey Janelle.

Zoe and Ashley, the designers behind Birds N Bones Jewelry, believe that the current way of releasing a collection is broken. With their latest project they aim to shake things up, allowing for a better connection with their customers and the ability to respond to them, by crafting pieces they truly love.

Drawing inspiration from how musicians release an album, their latest collection will drop in 3 limited availability pre-releases, building up to the arrival of the main collection in November. Giving a taster of what’s to come, this release process allows the designers to gauge the reception to their pieces and tailor the final collection to their customers desires. Based on the input they receive, some of these sets will make it into the main collection, whilst others may be exclusive to the pre-release and unavailable again afterwards.

Each of the mini collections will focus on a different specimen, and the first of these releases centres around the darkling beetle. Available in necklaces, earrings and rings, the pieces have such a beautifully raw feel, thanks to the richly textured organic forms and attention to detail. Delicate little beetles appear as if frozen in silver, crawling along wrapped branch rings and hanging elegantly from necklaces. Zoe and Ashley have done a wonderful job of translating the beauty found in nature into unique, wearable pieces worthy of coveting. My personal favourites so far are the triangle necklace, horizontal ring and the stone necklace and earrings with labradorite bullets. A portion of the sales from the limited release collections will also be donated to insect conservations, giving back to the creatures that inspired them. If this is just the start, I honestly can’t wait to see what’s to come.

The Darkling Beetle Collection is available until the 6th September. If you have a favourite, make sure you grab it now!

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