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Bringing Dad over to the dark side


One of the things that tends to happen to people that are around me often, is that they subconsciously start wearing a lot more black. And this is even more true and obvious for close friends and family. Whenever I buy them clothing or accessories as presents I just can’t help myself from encouraging them over to the dark side!

With Fathers Day just around the corner I had been really struggling with what to get my Dad. He’s had so many jumpers, tees and shirts from me over the past few years that his wardrobe is now bursting with them and he only has to look at at the size of the present to have a fairly good idea of exactly what it is. I needed to mix things up, so I turned to my Mum to see if there was anything he had mentioned he wanted or needed. She told me he could really do with a new pair of trainers, as his old pair were looking a bit worse for wear, so of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to introduce a little black into his entirely white trainer collection courtesy of Infinities.

I love my own Adidas Gazelle‘s, they are classic, comfy and look great on everyone, no matter what your personal style. I thought they would be a good introduction to dark trainers for my Dad, with the graphic white stripes and sole breaking up the black and keeping the look quite sporty.

My own dark trainer collection is pretty well stocked, as I’m sure you can imagine, but these ‘triple black’ Air Max Tavas stopped me dead in my tracks as I was browsing. I mean, as if I could resist anything named triple black! I love the mixture of black on black textures here. The mesh, faux suede, rubber and coated areas make them look quite luxe, and very health goth as so many people have pointed out to me as I’ve been wearing them! Fingers crossed my Dad loves his, then maybe I can get him in an all black pair like these next year!

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Holiday Dreaming


If you follow me on social media you’ve probably seen me squealing about having just booked flights with one of my best friends to visit Thailand, Cambodia and China for the New Year. We’d been planning to go for a while, but now that things are finally booked I can barely contain my excitement! Naturally, this has translated into hours of window shopping, excitedly planning outfits and things I need to buy.

I never take favourite pieces or items I treasure on holiday, instead I always like to travel with things that I wouldn’t mind losing, just incase the worst happens. This means that usually I end up buying quite a few new, cheap pieces to see me through and the high street is an absolute godsend for this. As it’s quite a way off yet, I’ll have plenty of time to stock up on things in the sales before we go. But for now, these pieces are already such a reasonable price that I couldn’t resist getting myself a few things.

Top of my need to buy list are long skirts and trousers, plus a few wraps in light and airy natural fibres to beat the heat. It’s so important to be respectful of the local culture when travelling and we aim to see a lot of temples whilst we’re there, so that means knees and shoulders covered. The gauzy, crochet trimmed kimono from Blue Vanilla is pretty much exactly what I had pictured when I started searching for one, so it was an instant buy. The flowing wrap skirt was also another obvious choice, made from viscose it’s perfect for the hot weather.

I’m sure you’ll all be hearing lots more about this trip in the run up to it. If any of you have been to Thailand, Siem Reap in Cambodia or Beijing in China I would love to hear any tips, favourite places or things I must see or do!

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Sid Neigum AW16

Sid Neigum Autumn Winter AW 2016 London Fashion Week presentation at the Institute of Contemporary ArtsSid Neigum Autumn Winter AW 2016 London Fashion Week presentation at the Institute of Contemporary ArtsSid Neigum Autumn Winter AW 2016 London Fashion Week presentation at the Institute of Contemporary ArtsSid Neigum Autumn Winter AW 2016 London Fashion Week presentation at the Institute of Contemporary ArtsSid Neigum Autumn Winter AW 2016 London Fashion Week presentation at the Institute of Contemporary ArtsSid Neigum Autumn Winter AW 2016 London Fashion Week presentation at the Institute of Contemporary ArtsSid Neigum Autumn Winter AW 2016 London Fashion Week presentation at the Institute of Contemporary ArtsSid Neigum Autumn Winter AW 2016 London Fashion Week presentation at the Institute of Contemporary ArtsSid Neigum Autumn Winter AW 2016 London Fashion Week presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Arts

This post is quite belated as I was having a bit of a ‘my work is rubbish’ crisis and was convinced all of my shots of this collection (and everything else I shot over LFW) were all too awful to publish. I’m sure all creatives can understand this and have been through similar themselves too. I’m my own worst critic and though sometimes I think this is a good thing as it pushes me to strive to be even better, sometimes it can be quite crippling. This is especially true when it’s something like photography, which always makes me feel like a bit of a fraud as I’ve never really learned the craft, I just kind of picked up a camera and played around with it. Having looked back over these shots recently though, I realised that maybe I was being a little harsh on myself, but mostly that this was just too good of a collection to not feature and share with you all.

Sid Neigum is a Toronto based conceptual, interdisciplinary womenswear label. Favouring an experimental approach using innovative fabrics and the precision and reasoning of a mathematician, Neigum applies modular origami and packaging design techniques to create his signature minimal yet maximal designs.

Drawing inspiration from Le Corbusier’s landmark tome The Modulor, for AW16 pieces were cut using the golden ratio, imbuing the collection with structural and symbolic balance. Le Corbusier harnessed the proportions of the human body to perfect his architectural works, describing his system as ‘a range of harmonious measurements to suit the human scale’. Neigum has translated these principals into a collection of garments which effortlessly envelope the body, softly structured and beautifully cut, these pieces have a modern, easy elegance about them.

The predominantly black colour palette came in richly textured wools, neoprene, crinkled silks and metal blends which could be shaped and scrunched into place. Highlights of warm camel, charcoal grey and white provided a beautiful contrast whilst still in keeping with the dark and dramatic feel of the collection. The quality of the pieces and their craftsmanship really shone through too, and Neigum has crafted the perfect blend of contrasting elements here – hard and soft, modern but classic, relaxed and easy, yet statement making.

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Sale Picks

FAIIINT Wishlist, Topshop unique Mayall velvet dress, & other stories triangle bra, French Connection faux leather and fur jacket, Reiss Dunaway suede boots, French Connection Mona dress, Liebeskind bag, Estelle Deve rings, Boohoo knot detail belt, River Island fringed ankle boots.

Why is it that when sale season rolls around and you have spare cash there’s nothing you really want to spend it on, but as soon as you’re trying to save money, suddenly everything in the sale is something you need? This time is definitely the latter for me. I’ve treated myself to a few pieces lately but I just can’t seem to stop window shopping and tormenting myself with all the great things I really shouldn’t be spending money on, even if they are ridiculously discounted.

I think it may be about time I actually brought this French Connection draped dress though, I’ve just noticed as I was typing this up that this is the second time it’s appeared on a wishlist now. I figure that’s a pretty fair justification!

I have to admit, if this faux leather and fur biker jacket was real leather I’d definitely have already brought it. I just can’t see faux leather as an investment piece though, and so it doesn’t meet my self imposed buying rules for new jackets. I have far too many as it is, so any I add to the collection have to be wear forever pieces. I keep seeing this a lot lately, really beautifully designed jackets and shoes that I would love to buy, until I see that despite the fairly high price they’re faux. Maybe I’m just being a snob about it?

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Indie Designer Wishlist


Following on from the indie jewellery wishlist I put together last week, here’s the second instalment featuring a few of my favourite pieces of clothing and accessories – and yes, some jewellery too, I couldn’t resist! I had such a hard time picking which pieces to feature for this, so please go and check out their stores for even more wonderful things, I promise you won’t be disappointed and will probably end up with a wishlist twice as long as this one after!

I’ve been wanting to get some pieces from Nuit for the longest time, Anastasia’s pieces are so effortless, simple yet beautifully designed and timeless enough to know I’d still be wearing them for many years to come. I’ve become obsessed with finding a good cape lately and I think this might be the one, the heavy boucle wool and that fluffy sheepskin collar, it’s just too perfect and I can already see myself swishing around in it paired with Maude Nibelungen‘s beautifully delicate cobwebby knitted shawl. I also hear that the raw leather and bamboo cardigan I’ve been drooling over for the past few months has just been restocked in super limited numbers after selling out and now I am so wishing I could justify another Christmas present to myself right now!

Another thing I’ve become obsessed with lately is fragrances and candles, with the most beautiful sleek black packaging and names like Salem and Nyctophiliac, obviously Nocturna‘s candles are high on my wishlist to try. Made from a blend of sustainably sourced coconut and soy waxes with a wooden wick, they are high quality, clean burning and free of unnecessary additives and dyes too.

Not technically indie, but I had to include this vintage BCBG jacket from Rokit, purely as a heads up for you guys, I’m absolutely gutted that it isn’t my size otherwise I’d have brought it already! Probably half a good thing, with my current overflowing jacket collection situation, but maybe one of you can snap it up and make me jealous.

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