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Indie Jewellery Wishlist

FAIIINT independent jewellery designers wishlist. Silver, black, dark style.

Over the years I’ve been blogging I’ve come across so many incredibly talented independent designers and I always try my best to showcase them here in whatever way I can, as well as supporting them by buying pieces when I have spare cash too. I have a huge mental list of pieces on my to buy list, so I thought it would be a good idea to get them down somewhere, show them off to you and hopefully introduce you to a few new favourites as well, plus it’s a great excuse for a bumper wishlist – so if anyone’s stuck on what to get me for Christmas, and no I don’t care if it arrives after the day, hint hint!

Somehow this list ended up being pretty much entirely silver pieces, it was only in the last year or so that I started buying silver jewellery and it’s gradually taking over my love of gold. I find it so much easier to wear than gold lately, maybe it’s the cooler weather, but it just seems so much more pleasing against my outfits. Most of these designers work exclusively in silver coloured metals, but a few offer gold options too. There are just too many great pieces here to call out individuals without missing anyone out, so please just browse through the list, pay a visit to their stores for even more beautiful things and consider supporting handmade when you’re buying your Christmas gifts. I think it is so much nicer and more thoughtful to receive something like this as a gift, that you can see has been made by hand and with great effort and care, than something anyone else could have picked up from a large store.

I’ll be trying to make these indie wishlists a semi-regular feature here, and there will be another one focusing on clothing before Christmas too. Please drop me an email or tweet if you know of any brands you think I’d love or that should be included, even if it’s your own, I love discovering new designers to follow.

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FAIIINT Topshop cami & patchwork faux fur jacket, Religion 'Power' cardiagan, Markus Lupfer fox face ear beanie hat, Warehouse snake textured skirt, Urbancode ponyhair clutch, Senso laced up 'sara' suede boots, & Other Stories rock ring, Aurélie Bidermann choker. All black everything goth winter wishlist.

The chill of Autumn is slowly starting to creep in after a super mild September, and now all I want to do is cocoon myself in layers of cuddly fabrics. I came across this incredible faux fur jacket as I walked past Topshop, and it’s even nicer in person, the mixture of long, short and curly furs all in glossy black is the perfect texture mix all in one piece. I love the faux fur jackets I already own for when it’s one of those dark, bitter winter mornings and I can just sit on the bus snuggled up into them (pretending I’m still under my duvet!) and I couldn’t resist quickly trying this one to see if it was as warm and snug as it looked, and it is. I promised myself no more jackets this year (because I seriously have a problem!) but I think I might need to go back for this one, it’s too good. This Religion cardigan is up there for the same reasons too, drapey, fuzzy and super strokeable, I’m already daydreaming about how nice this would be to curl up in on a cold day.

I don’t think I even need to explain how much I need this little fox beanie, isn’t it just one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen? I’ve always been tempted by the more novelty ones of these that were around a lot on the highstreet last year just for fun, but this one being all black and with the sequin embellishment just looks so much chicer, and is something I’d happily wear everyday. Sadly the price doesn’t agree with me, so it looks like I’ll be keeping a close eye on this until the sales!

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Passionata White Nights

Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing Passionata White Nights black lace embroidery balconette braFashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing Passionata White Nights black lace embroidery balconette bra and bikini breif knickers. Lingerie mirror selfie.

As some of you will know from my social media and lack of posts around here I’ve been having a bit of a rough time recently, I’ve been feeling pretty low in confidence in myself, completely confused and like a pretty rubbish person to be honest, so this little parcel from Passionata really couldn’t have come at a better time. There is nothing like beautiful underwear to cheer a girl up and I always feel a million times more confident when I’m wearing a gorgeous set, even if it’s just underneath my normal clothes. In fact, that’s one of my favourite things to do when I’m having a down day, knowing you have the full works on underneath and no one else has any idea definitely gives you a little extra self confidence and sass.

This beautiful balconette bra and bikini from the ‘White Nights’ range arrived just as I was leaving for London, so I quickly stuffed the parcel in my bag as I ran to catch my coach. Of course, as soon as I got to my hotel I had to try them on and I then spent half the day prancing around my room feeling awesome in them, so awesome that I couldn’t resist some cheeky mirror shots to show them off! It’s so nice to be able to look in the mirror and say, you know what I don’t have the flattest stomach, the most toned thighs or biggest boobs, but I don’t care because I feel amazing. Made from a gorgeous soft mesh with delicate Italian floral embroidery all over it’s the perfect mix between a pretty and more sensual look, and thanks to the great fit it’s comfortable enough to wear everyday and not just have to be saved for special occasions too.

I had a fitting arranged at the Little Big Bra Shop in Market Harborough a few weeks ago to make sure it would be the perfect fit when it arrived, as it’s been a while since I was last fitted. Here they don’t use tape measures, everything is done by eye and the lovely Karen got it absolutely spot on the first time just from looking at me. She surprised me by telling me I was actually a cup size bigger than what I’d been wearing (and had been told I was by a high street store), but also a back size down making me a bit of an awkward 30 back and explaining why I usually have issues with bras riding up, it was a bit of a revelation! I’d highly recommend getting fitted properly by someone with real expertise if you have never been before. I now also have the perfect excuse for new underwear shopping too!

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Sale Picks


I want to say I’ve been good with the sale spending so far, but that would be a lie. I was doing well until I got the email from Shoeaholics for their annual £39 and under sale and I might have then gone a bit nuts and ordered quite a few pairs, these Vince Camuto double zip boots included. It would be daft to say no when they’re £29 plus 15% discount though right? That’s practically stealing! The lure of a huge discount almost made me buy this Pamela Love double ring set with beautiful cosmic lapis too, but sadly it’s nowhere near my size and thankfully sense kicked in!

French Connection’s sale is fast becoming one of my favourites to check out, as a brand that for a long time I’d considered not very me it still surprises me to find so many great pieces whilst browsing. Everything I’ve brought from here in the past few years has been beautiful quality and materials, and the sales always have some absolute steals too. I’ve currently got my eye on this super slick crepe tux jacket & perfectly draped dress.

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When the weathers nice it always makes me want to reach for swishy skirts, I don’t know why but something about the sun being out just makes me dress a little more ladylike, or I go right to the other extreme of dressing like I did as a teen in skinnies, Chucks & battered tees! This beautiful midi skirt from Missguided is exactly what I want to be wearing, it’s that perfect shape for wearing with sleek cropped tops thanks to it’s high waist and soft structure, how lovely is the heavy textured satin too? It’s also in the sale for a tiny £10 and I’m pretty gutted my size is already sold out, you know how I feel about nice textures! I’m going to be stalking that page hoping it comes back in stock!

A few months ago I went down to the Arcadia S/S ’15 press day and saw these wonderful fringed ankle boots in a pretty taupe colour, I think I spent all night professing my love for them all over Twitter. I had my fingers crossed that they’d be releasing them in black as well, obviously, and finally they have & now I really think I need them! Ankle boots are one of my favourite ways to slightly rough up a girly outfit & keep if from being too prim, and these would be so perfect for that. Another way I love to do this is with jewellery and ASOS have some lovely gold plated sterling silver pieces in at the moment for really great prices, I brought the dainty shark tooth necklace last week and this little spike ring is now on my list too. I never buy cheap jewellery made from base metals as to me it’s a waste of money, I like to keep jewellery & have it last, so it’s nice to see some good basic pieces like these that are great quality & really affordable too.

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