Currently at the top of my wishlist of things I’ve fallen in love with but doubt I will ever be able to afford is this Temperley London feathered coat. Yes, I have a faux fur coat kind of similar, but the wispy feathers & the silk lining make this one far more special, I’ve been daydreaming about how luxurious it’d feel to wear. It’s completely impractical & I can imagine the looks I’d get wearing it around here, but I still can’t stop thinking about it! The rest of this list is pretty much what I’d wear with it, because this is what I do when I can’t afford something, I torture myself by planning perfect little outfits with it as the focus!

I’m still trying to behave with the sales, I’ve had my eye on this Narciso Rodriguez skirt for the longest time, to me it’s leather skirt perfection with the shaped hem & angular seams, and now it’s 75% off I’m finding it extremely hard to resist. The same with Alexander Wang’s Katya sandals too, the ultimate minimal summer sandal, super classic they’d be so easy to justify as a good investment piece if I wasn’t trying to cut back on shoes!

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    Omgosh. THAT COAT! Can we win the lotto and buy matching ones? Blogger’s night watch? ;) x

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    You have such an awesome blog! I mentioned you in my post on s/s ’15 colour fashion trends (in black category, naturally). Hope you don’t mind :) Subscribed & hope to see more from you soon. Keep it up!

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    Those shoes are gorgeous and I bet that skirt would look amazing on you!

    Maria xxx

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