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I realised a few days ago that I haven’t posted an illustration in quite a while, so I thought it was time I finished off this one that has been sitting here half completed for a few weeks…

I’m really enjoying drawing things influenced by nature & folk tales at the moment, I’ve always been fascinated by both of those things but recently it seems to be spilling over into everything I do. I have also realised that my fashion education has given me a serious aversion to drawing clothes! After having drawn nothing but clothing on models for almost 6 years, I think I’m just totally fed up with it! Plus everything I do just seems so much cleaner & slicker without the extra fuss of clothing, so sorry if you’re bored of these nude/barely clothed illustrations, but I guess there will be quite a few more until I feel like drawing clothes again!

I’m not entirely happy with this piece & it will probably end up being changed around a little before I’m satisfied enough to say it’s done. I’m not really sure what it is, everyone I’ve shown it to has said it looks finished to them, but to me there’s something missing & I can’t quite put my finger on it. This is the main reason it’s been sitting unfinished, it just doesn’t seem like it is. If anything glaringly obvious stands out to you, or you have any (constructive!) criticism, I’d love it if you could leave a comment letting me know! It’s always great to hear from others about your work & especially if it’s something constructive. I often prefer when people tell me they don’t like my work & their reasons behind that, instead of just saying ‘Oh, it’s nice!’ or something similar. So don’t be afraid to say, even if it’s ‘I hate it’ (just let me know why!) …

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This has been sitting on my desk for about 3 weeks in sketch form, I just couldn’t decide if I liked it enough to colour it & finish it off, really happy I did now though, as it turned out much better than expected!

It started off as a dream & I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so I sketched it out & messed around with the composition & positioning for ages, but just wasn’t happy with it no matter what I did, so I stuffed it down the side of my desk in frustration – this is where most things go I get frustrated with, drawings, garments, shoes, technology, you name it, it’s probably down there! I came across it again a week or so ago, whilst I was looking for something else, made a few adjustments & felt much happier with it, so got it coloured & finished up.

I guess most of you are noticing a theme with my illustrations by now, even when I try to draw pretty things like mermaids they end up dark, morbid & a little gory. I just can’t help myself, those themes always seem to seep through somehow. I blame my love of comics, horror films & gory video games! I’m also a vegetarian, so I only eat vege sushi, I wonder if that has something to do with this one?

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The image I had in my mind when I started this was totally different to how it ended up, I spent a few days rubbing out & getting annoyed that I couldn’t seem to be able to make it look exactly as I’d pictured. Eventually I just decided to let go & see how it ended up & it turned into this, which I actually think is much nicer than what it originally would have been! I guess it just proves sometimes it’s best to see how things develop & go with the flow, instead of being so stubborn & bloody minded!

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FAIIINT, Illustration, Illustrator, Pony, Horse, My Little Pony, Rainbow, Dip Dye Hair, Ombre, PinkFAIIINT, Illustration, Illustrator, Pony, Horse, My Little Pony, Rainbow, Dip Dye Hair, Ombre, Pink

Does anyone else give names to almost everything, or is it just me? I name shoes (too many to name!), mouse shaped pin cushions (Salvador), favorite paintbrushes (Chunk) & most of my illustrations, I’m pretty sure this is quite normal & nothing to worry about, right?

Anyway, this is Philip, I think he looks like a Philip. He’s not totally finished yet, as I can’t decide which version I like better. I like them both for different reasons, they both have a totally different look & feel about them I think, the first is more fitting with the ‘My Little Pony’ idea, but I like the graphicness of a nice black line too…

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The Black Boots

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I did this quick sort of self-portrait earlier after laughing about how everyone knows me for my head-to-toe black outfits & for my addiction to buying black boots, even when they look just like 4 other pairs I already own… I love my black boots…

I’ve been having a bit of a play around with a few aspects of my illustration style recently too, mostly the hair, I’m in denial, but I need glasses quite badly & I’m finding I get really blurred vision after doing all the tiny strands of hair the way I usually do, sometimes I even have to stop for a break half way through! Normal people would get glasses, not change the way they draw, but I find my usual style leaves me quite limited in ways to shade the hair anyway, so thought that was the hint that it was time for a change! I’ve also be messing around on Photoshop, making the pencil lines coloured, rather than black, I think it makes it seem slightly softer. I much prefer the more realistic hair, but I’m not sure on the coloured line work, it maybe makes it too soft? I’m a bit of a sucker for a hard line, I blame it on reading too many comics.

Oh, and PS : My portfolio is now up! Click the link at the top to go have a look. Theres not a huge amount up at the moment, but it’s something I needed to get up ASAP, so I’ll be constantly adding to it & refining it over the next few weeks!

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