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Hyper Japan 2014

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Something a little different today, I’m sure a lot of you know I’m a huge fan of Japanese culture & I’m always mentioning it’s the one place I’d love to visit more than anywhere else. We did Hyper Japan a few years ago (here) & had such a great day that when I heard it’d now been moved to the larger Earls Court One I had to go along again & check it out. Ollie is shooting festivals all summer & couldn’t make it, so I took my cousin along (who is probably even more of a Japanophile than I am!) to help me with photos. We had the best day, and honestly I couldn’t recommend going along more now that it’s bigger & better than ever before.

This year they were big on the kawaii theme, dedicating a whole area to it with a separate stage for lolita fashion shows & live performances, plus shops & stalls selling everything from pastel wigs to outfits, accessories & adorable cuddly alpacas. Talking of alpacas, it seemed everyone walking around had one tucked under their arms or in their bags, of course I couldn’t resist either & had to get myself a little one – You didn’t go to Hyper Japan unless you can home with an alpaca! It was nice to see there were a lot more clothing & accessory stalls this year, with a lot of them being independents too. Despite the fact that I would never wear this type of look personally, I still had a great time running around squealing at all the cuteness & admiring the girls walking around wearing their most kawaii ensembles! Underneath all this black, I’m basically a huge 5 year old!

The cosplay is always one of my favourite things about going to events like this, everyone really makes such a huge effort & it’s amazing to see all of these elaborate handmade costumes at every turn, especially when you spot someone dressed as one of your favourite characters! It gives the whole place such a fun, exciting atmosphere & as a designer, I love to see how people have turned these 2D costumes into super accurate 3D replicas. The cosparade showcasing the best of the day is a highlight every year, and this time my favourite had to be the guy who made the Gundam 00 suit, I spent ages afterwards trying to figure out how he’d made it & thinking how long it must have taken!

The live acts were brilliant as always, with a good mixture of modern & more traditional. Siro-A stole the show for me though, I’ve never seen anything like their blend of mime, dance, music, comedy & technology, they were so entertaining to watch. Sadly my rubbish camera skills & the dark lighting meant I didn’t get any photos of these guys, which is a real shame, but you can check out a video from their TED performance here to get an idea. I did manage to get some nice shots of the beautiful costumes from DEN Entertainments ‘The Sake’ performance though, this is something I would love to see again but on a bigger stage as I felt it couldn’t be properly appreciated in it’s shortened, less elaborate form here.

With so much to see we barely sat down all day & came home with bags full, mine mostly a lot of candy & a little alpaca! If you enjoy Japanese culture, whether the food, traditional wares, street style or pop culture & gaming, this is the biggest event of it’s kind in the UK & there is something for everyone’s taste.

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Naromode AW14

Naromode little snow white aw14 lookbook photographed by Cameron Henderson Naromode little snow white aw14 lookbook photographed by Cameron Henderson Naromode little snow white aw14 lookbook photographed by Cameron Henderson Naromode little snow white aw14 lookbook photographed by Cameron Henderson

Glasgow based duo Anna Thorn & Iain MacDonald are the brains behind Naromode, launched in 2013 & roughly translating as ‘narrative fashion’ they focus on weaving a rich story through their collections, often inspired by old fairytales & folklore. Their latest offering takes The Brothers Grim dark tale of ‘Little Snow White’ as it’s main influence, drawing on the poison apples, dense forests & burning embers. Beautiful, illustrative prints paired with simple silhouettes & luxurious fabrics make the pieces both super wearable & completely standout all at once.

Honestly, I am not usually the greatest fan of prints myself, but these are a different story. Thanks to being designed in house exclusively for the collection these are unusually unique & eye catching, plus with that sumptuous dark & moody palette they fit perfectly into the kind of aesthetic I love. I could see myself happily wearing most of these pieces, but I’m especially smitten with the first dress ‘feather & frame’ & the ‘black raven’ dress in the third photo.

Pieces will be available to buy come September, but until then you can shop their current selection of printed tees & scarves at their store & at Godiva Boutique.

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Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing Catarzi large black fedora hat, Pussycat pleated shirt dress, Vivienne Westwood animal toe mary jane shoes, Nica Pheobe cross body quilted fox bag. All black everything, summer goth street style outfit. FAIIINT wearing Dynasty Jewellery black monarch butterfly stud & chain earringsFAIIINT wearin Nica black quilted cross body Pheobe bag with silver sleeping fox hardware

You may have seen me moaning on Twitter about my poorly ankle, I’ve torn some ligaments in it after falling down a step funny when playing with Nico, so I’ve been house bound for the past week or so unable to walk properly on it. That won’t be much of a surprise if you’ve ever met me, as you’ve probably witnessed my clumsyness first hand, I swear I could trip over an eyelash! I finally hobbled out yesterday in my comfiest shoes & spent the whole time doing even more moaning about how much it hurt! The hospital told me 4-6 weeks for it to be back to normal, but hopefully it’ll be feeling better soon, as I have a really busy few days towards the end of the week.

I was obsessing over the Nica bags at their press day earlier this year because the little curled up fox hardware reminded me so much of Nico, he even sleeps curled up in a ball like that too. The lovely girls there very kindly sent me my own in black a little while ago & made me a very happy dog lady! It’s the perfect size for when you don’t need to carry much. I wore it a few days ago when I was walking Nico & another lady with a Bull Terrier pointed it out & told me she couldn’t resist buying things that reminded me of her dog either! At least I’m not the only one!

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Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing FAIIINT cropped leather jacket, Helmut Lang tee, River Island skirt, Kasun vampire heart necklace & claw ring, Skin by Finsk wedges, Balenciaga city. Casual goth dark all black street style. Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing FAIIINT cropped leather jacket, Helmut Lang tee, Kasun gold & onyx vampire heart necklace & claw ring FAIIINT cropped leather jacket, Helmut Lang tee, Kasun gold & onyx vampire heart dagger necklaceFashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing FAIIINT cropped leather jacket, Helmut Lang tee, River Island skirt, Kasun vampire heart necklace & claw ring, Skin by Finsk wedges, Balenciaga city. Casual goth dark all black street style.

Sorry for being MIA over the last week, things have been a little busy & with Ollie away shooting festivals for most of the summer it’s been kinda awkward to get any outfit photos taken. I’m considering getting myself a smaller DSLR for times like this, so I can still get things up, especially now I’m starting to get to grips with the super old one I was leant to learn with & actually started to quite enjoy using!

The weather currently can’t make up it’s mind about whether it’s summer or not, I went out in the morning wearing this with tights & the jacket, and was actually cold, but come mid-afternoon it was so warm I had to take them both off! I’m not complaining though, it’s nice to be able to finally get a little wear out of this new version of my cropped jacket, as I was too scared to wear it out until we’d shot the product images of it for the store – I’m the clumsiest person in the world, so I knew it had to stay in storage until I’d done everything I needed it for first! This new version has been tweaked a little from the older one that you’ve seen here before, with softer more slouchy leather, a refined collar shape & super soft viscose lining.

A while ago I mentioned Kasun & their latest ‘God Loves Fangs’ collection in one of my coveted brand posts, I finally got to see the pieces up close at the Thor & Wistle store party a few weeks ago & I can honestly say the pieces are even more stunning in person. The vampire heart necklace was my favourite piece from the lookbook, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! The little dagger set with onyx is removable & can be worn dangling down or pierced through the heart, I love pieces which can be worn multiple ways & of course, I’m a huge vampire fan and there’s a real appeal to subtly wearing these little nods to your interests for other to pick up on.

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Sale Picks

Miista perspex heel boot, French Connection Viven panelled dress, Oasis sheer sleeveless shirt, Allsaints double belt, J.W. Anderson fishtail asymmetric skirt, Beksondergaard leather bag, French Connection silver snake raven trousers, Carmina Campus slave tire bracelet, Topshop bandage heels, Daisy Knights feather ring. All black everything sale shopping wishlist.

I’ve been trying hard to avoid the sales this last week. I still have saving up to do & I’m trying to be less impulsive with my buys too, no matter how cheap they are. I always find sale season & the urgency of it all makes me pounce on things which then sit in my wardrobe unworn, tags still attached, never to be touched again. Trying to dodge those coercive emails is another story though & a little window shopping never hurt anyone! These are a few of the things that have caught my eye, I’m telling myself that if I still want them after a week or so, and they’re still available, then I’m allowed to treat myself to a few.

Those perspex heel boots from Miista are at the top of the list at the moment, you guys know I have a thing for black ankle boots & I love how they’ve managed to make the perspex heel look elegant & luxe, instead of just a bit cheap like you’d usually expect. Plus, no one could tell me ‘they look just like all your other pairs!’ with these! The chiffon shirt is high up there too, though I don’t really like having my stomach on show, so I’m thinking of styling options to justify getting it. Maybe a high-waisted skirt layered underneath, with a sliver of skin peeking though?

One of my favourite ways to add a bit of ‘colour’ to my usual all black is subtly with a really great metallic piece, I love that they blend in but add a real punch at the same time too. These silver snake print trousers have already been ordered, they were just too cheap to pass up! I love snake print, I love metallics & I love that it looks like the kind of foil print that will gradually wear off & look even better. I’m just hoping they fit well when they arrive though, you know how tricky jeans can be & there’s nothing worse than a badly fitting pair.

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