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Fur & Skulls

Skull, Girl, Fashion, Editorial, Photography, Black & White, B&W, Fairytale, Dark, Nature, NudeAntlers, Girl, Fashion, Photography, Black & White, B&W, Fairytale,Skull, Cow, Girl, Fashion, Photography, Black & White, B&W, Dark, FantasyFur, Girl, Fashion, Photography, Black & White, B&W, Fairytale, Nature, Fox, Fur, Dead, Skin, Eyes

It’s not as if I need any further ways to waste my time procrastinating, but yesterday I signed up to Tumblr, I’m not really sure why, but it’s safe to say I’ve already become quite addicted…

I’ve found so many inspiring images whilst browsing, that I thought I’d do a weekly round-up each Thursday of my favourite images from my Tumblr, based around a loose theme each week. You can find me at if you want to see the rest!

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Maud Traon Rings

Maud Traon, Rings, Jewellery, Illustration, sketch, Amelia's Magazine

Firstly, I appologise for the extreme lack of posts, my laptop got infected with a number of viruses & it’s been getting fixed for the past few weeks, so I’ve only had my phone. I was told I would probably need a new laptop, which I seriously could not afford right now, as the infection had compromised the security of the system! It is just my luck that my copy of Norton had expired only 2 days before & I was too caught up with other stuff to renew it… I got it back last night though, and fingers crossed, everything seems fine now.

I did this illustration of Maud Traon‘s beautiful rings for Amelia’s Magazine about a week ago. I’m usually awful at drawing hands, so this was quite a challenge, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out & Maud’s rings were really fun to do, building up lots of textures to create the glittery effect.

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Faux Fur Collar Jacket

FAIIINT, Fur Collar, Cropped, Jacket, Outfit, Park, Woodland, Antler, Leggings, Black, Boots, Balenciaga Bag, Topshop, All SaintsFAIIINT, Fur Collar, Cropped, Jacket, Outfit, Park, Woodland, Antler, Leggings, Black, Boots, Balenciaga Bag, Topshop, All SaintsFAIIINT, Fur Collar, Cropped, Jacket, Outfit, Park, Woodland, Antler, Leggings, Black, Boots, Balenciaga Bag, Topshop, All Saints

Along with black boots, black tailored jackets are something I can never stop buying, even though half of one of my wardrobes is full of near identical versions, I always seem to be able to justify another. This one is from the last collection I did for my degree, it seemed the perfect excuse to make another black jacket, actually, I think all of my collections have been excuses to make things for myself…

The body of the jacket is made from a beautiful wool/silk blend suiting, which gives it a more relaxed & less structured feel, even though it is extremely structured on the inside, to keep the general shape. The faux fur is actually from an interiors shop, it is the most luxurious & realistic faux fur I’ve come across, plus it’s super warm & snuggly, just like the real thing. I honestly wonder why people still buy real fur anymore when the faux versions are this nice? I decided to make the fur removable, so I’d still be able to wear it when it’s not quite so cold, underneath is distressed black leather, like the little pocket. It’s the perfect jacket for days like today, even though it’s cropped, it’s really warm thanks to the fur & wool. I kept the shape of this quite boxy, as it suited the overall look of the collection it was part of best, but kept it cropped & the waist nipped in, so that it would be wearable for me.

Talking of things I can’t stop buying, handbags are not one of them, so you’ll see this battered Balenciaga a lot. I have a total of 4 handbags, this one for every day, a black clutch I attached a strap to for when I’m going out, a tiny little messenger for gigs / festivals / times I don’t really want to carry a bag but need somewhere to keep my makeup stash & a massive leather hold all. I am definitely more of a shoe, well, black boot person.

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Lunar Rocks

“Venus and Earth. Two planets collide. Cloaked in his black clouds. Moonlit sky fills her eyes”

I seem to be getting quite addicted to jewellery at the moment, I’ve always worn jewellery, I feel naked without at least a necklace or ring, but this year it’s been making up the majority of my purchases, though most have been discarded by now. For Christmas & next year I’m going to try to make the effort to buy more expensive / investment pieces instead of the cheap crap from ASOS & Topshop I’ve been buying a lot of recently, wearing a few times & then throwing because its become discoloured & given me a rash. I’ve done it with shoes, so I can definitely do it with jewellery too.

Whilst googling for some inspiration for future purchases & Christmas lists, I came across Maria Lau, her A/W 2011 collection ‘Two Planets’ is pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for. The combination of softer elements such as the plaiting & long faux hair with the chunky boulders & tusks give it a luxury, androgynous feel & the palette of blacks & nudes (obviously) appeals massively to me. I love pieces that are extremely versatile like this too, everything in the collection would work equally as well whether paired with a killer dress or with a tee & jeans. The two choker style necklaces are by far my favourites, but I do love a good choker so maybe I’m biased, I’d be happy if any one of these pieces turned up under my tree though.

Maria Lau, Autumn / Winter 2011, Lookbook, Jewellery, Sheer, Braclets, Bangles, Black, Rocks, HairMaria Lau, Autumn / Winter 2011, Collision, Necklace, Stones, Rocks, Spikes, BlackMaria Lau, Autumn / Winter 2011, Braclets, Rocks, Hair, Jewellery, Plait, Braided, Stones, ClawMaria Lau, Autumn / Winter 2011, Venus, Necklace, Stones, Rocks, Spikes, Black, Hair
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