Lunar Rocks

“Venus and Earth. Two planets collide. Cloaked in his black clouds. Moonlit sky fills her eyes”

I seem to be getting quite addicted to jewellery at the moment, I’ve always worn jewellery, I feel naked without at least a necklace or ring, but this year it’s been making up the majority of my purchases, though most have been discarded by now. For Christmas & next year I’m going to try to make the effort to buy more expensive / investment pieces instead of the cheap crap from ASOS & Topshop I’ve been buying a lot of recently, wearing a few times & then throwing because its become discoloured & given me a rash. I’ve done it with shoes, so I can definitely do it with jewellery too.

Whilst googling for some inspiration for future purchases & Christmas lists, I came across Maria Lau, her A/W 2011 collection ‘Two Planets’ is pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for. The combination of softer elements such as the plaiting & long faux hair with the chunky boulders & tusks give it a luxury, androgynous feel & the palette of blacks & nudes (obviously) appeals massively to me. I love pieces that are extremely versatile like this too, everything in the collection would work equally as well whether paired with a killer dress or with a tee & jeans. The two choker style necklaces are by far my favourites, but I do love a good choker so maybe I’m biased, I’d be happy if any one of these pieces turned up under my tree though.

Maria Lau, Autumn / Winter 2011, Lookbook, Jewellery, Sheer, Braclets, Bangles, Black, Rocks, HairMaria Lau, Autumn / Winter 2011, Collision, Necklace, Stones, Rocks, Spikes, BlackMaria Lau, Autumn / Winter 2011, Braclets, Rocks, Hair, Jewellery, Plait, Braided, Stones, ClawMaria Lau, Autumn / Winter 2011, Venus, Necklace, Stones, Rocks, Spikes, Black, Hair
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