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Finsk Bandage Wedges

Finsk, Wedge, Shoe, Bandade, Nude, Purple, Wood, Books, HellBoy, The Empire of DeathFinsk, Wedge, Shoe, Bandage, Nude, Purple, Wood, Close Up, Detail, Books, HellBoy, The Empire of Death

Sorry for yet more shoe posts, I promise I’ll do some actual outfit posts once my skin gets back to normal (thanks a lot MAC pressed powder!) I’m sure it’s quite obvious now that I have a serious addiction, but I had to show these off, my new favorites, I think these are the first pair of non-black shoes I haven’t even contemplated dying black, they are just perfect as they are.

I’ve been collecting Finsk shoes for quite a few years now, it started off with a ruched pair of platform ankle boots from the collaboration with the (now defunct) shoe chain Faith, they were in the sale, crammed amongst all the others, but they stood out, every other shoe looked boring next to them. I didn’t have the money to, but I brought them anyway. I’d never heard of Finsk until then, but I got home & immediately looked the brand up & knew I had to have more shoes like this. I love contradicting elements in design, hard but soft, structured but organic & Julia Lundsten does this so well with Finsk.

New books too, my other addiction, ‘Empire of Death’ is a collection of gorgeous photos from Ossuaries & Charnel Houses from all over the world & is one of the most beautiful books I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve always been drawn to quite macabre & dark subjects like this, so I find it fascinating & quite moving, but I’m sure there’s a lot that would view it as really rather disgusting & maybe even disrespectful. Also when I spotted Hellboy, now in nice chunky hard back ‘library editions’, being one of my favorite comics, I couldn’t resist!

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FAIIINT, Illustration, Illustrator, Pony, Horse, My Little Pony, Rainbow, Dip Dye Hair, Ombre, PinkFAIIINT, Illustration, Illustrator, Pony, Horse, My Little Pony, Rainbow, Dip Dye Hair, Ombre, Pink

Does anyone else give names to almost everything, or is it just me? I name shoes (too many to name!), mouse shaped pin cushions (Salvador), favorite paintbrushes (Chunk) & most of my illustrations, I’m pretty sure this is quite normal & nothing to worry about, right?

Anyway, this is Philip, I think he looks like a Philip. He’s not totally finished yet, as I can’t decide which version I like better. I like them both for different reasons, they both have a totally different look & feel about them I think, the first is more fitting with the ‘My Little Pony’ idea, but I like the graphicness of a nice black line too…

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Three Floor Fashion

Three Floor Fashion, Lookbook, GrungeThree Floor Fashion, Lookbook, GrungeThree Floor Fashion, Lookbook, GrungeThree Floor Fashion, Lookbook, GrungeThree Floor Fashion, Lookbook, Grunge

Three Floor Fashion was launched in November 2011 by recent Central St Martins alumni Han Chong, the philosophy of the brand is simple, high quality, fashion forward pieces at an extremely affordable price. It has become one of my favorite destinations for online shopping recently, none of the pieces are over £150, which for the quality of design & manufacture I think is a very reasonable price, though, this makes it super easy to get carried away putting things in your basket! I usually find with brands that try to do this type of thing, that the lookbook is styled so well that it gives the impression that the garments are of high quality, but once they arrive they are quite disappointing & you understand why they were so cheap. This is where Three Floor Fashion differs, the clothes are exactly what it says on the tin.

I could see myself wearing almost every piece from the collection, thanks to the lookbook though, the pieces I most want are the amazing hardware headband & chunky cuff, which sadly are not available, or are possibly by a different, unknown brand & most likely not for such a reasonable price!

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Toni Frissell, Water, Drown, Woman, Swim, Float, Black & WhiteAlex Stoddard, Water, Waves, Drown, Person, SwallowedWater, Fashion, Model, Editorial, Ponytail, Black & WhiteWater, Underwater, Fashion, Model, Editorial, Nude, Black & WhiteUnderwater, Swimming, Sea, Pool, Dreamy, Vintage, Black & WhiteUnderwater, Drown, Bubble, Girl, Float, Swim, Black & White, Dream

This weeks round up from my Tumblr, I’ve been re-blogging lots of water themed photos the past few weeks, I wonder if it’s a subconscious need for a holiday from this freezing winter? I adore the ocean & swimming, I so longed to be a mermaid when I was small, so I could spend all day swimming around & exploring the oceans…

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