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FAIIINT, Outfit, Shirt, Cut outs, Made, DIY, Bodysuit, Print, Brain, Sheer Maxi, Spikes, Choker, Vero Moda, ASOS, Black, Nude, Peach, GoldFAIIINT, Outfit, Shirt, Cut outs, Made, DIY, Bodysuit, Print, Brain, Sheer Maxi, Spikes, Choker, Vero Moda, ASOS, Black, Nude, Peach, GoldFAIIINT, Outfit, Shirt, Cut outs, Made, DIY, Bodysuit, Print, Brain, Sheer Maxi, Spikes, Choker, Vero Moda, ASOS, Black, Nude, Peach, Gold

This shirt bodysuit was from one of the last collections I did as part of my degree, I think it’s one of my favourite things that I made during my 3 years there, it’s quite simple, but I like that, as it lets the print do all the talking. For this same reason, I’ve paired it with just a plain maxi & minimal jewellery here.

I’m not usually much of a print person, but we had to use print for that particular project & typical of me, I had to pick something slightly dark & gory! I’ve altered the colours & it’s been slightly manipulated, but the print is actually an image of brain tissue under a microscope, I saw it & knew I had to use it, I thought it was so beautiful! I’m hoping to have some spare time soon to get some more fabrics printed & make a few more pieces with the same print, as I think it’d look great as a draped dress or pair of leggings & I really like the thought of it as a lining for a jacket too.

On a separate note, apologies for the lame hiding behind my hair pose, my skin is still totally ruined & this is the only angle it looks remotely decent from. I feel awkward enough in front of a camera when I look nice, let alone when I’m feeling a total mess, but I felt some outfit posts were so long overdue that I really should do some anyway, especially as my skin is showing no signs of healing just yet. For those wondering whats wrong with it, I switched to a different pressed powder, my skin had an awful reaction to it & came out in a rash & lots of spots. I then brought some spot treatment gel to fix it, my usual one wasn’t in stock & I wanted it sorting quickly so I brought a different brand, left it on overnight & woke up with burns, scabs & holes all over my face where it had been! It’s scared my skin quite badly & some of the holes were so deep that even now, about 2 weeks later, they are still raw! Fingers crossed it gets better soon…

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    What beautiful dress!

    Please visit my blog and enter my giveaway!

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    Thanks, you can see the result on 29th of march, I’ll let you know!:)
    Btw: Your blog is really beautiful. I love the size of the pictures, everythings very aesthetic.

    Love Carola

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    So fabulous dress…
    I’m a sucker of anything animal prints.

  4. Posted 11.03.2012 at 9:12 pm | Permalink


    Thnaks for your comment!!

    Love that necklace!!


  5. Posted 11.03.2012 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

    so fab dress ;)
    i follow you on Bloglovin :D
    can you follow me too?¿?


  6. Posted 12.03.2012 at 1:31 am | Permalink

    I really like the structure of the bodysuit! And totally digging the fact that the print is brain matter semi disguising itself as some sort of animal/galaxy print combo, I would never have guessed what it is! I think would look great as a lining too. You’re so talented Steph :)

    PS – I find aloe vera helps, though from these pics you look just fine x

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    This bodysuit is amazing. The structure and detail is impeciable and the concept is genius.

    Thank you for sharing you creation. Some designers aren’t as willing for the fear that their idea’s will be replicated. Such a shame that this is the case sometimes.


    Posted 12.03.2012 at 6:30 pm | Permalink

    Steph – Thankyou! :) & it’s just that side of my face which looks fine tho, I’m not sure why the other side was way more badly burned?! I just find it scary that something you can pick up off a shelf can do that after one use! I’m going to try & get some aloe today too, as I’ve heard it’s supposed to help!

    Chloe – I totally agree, it’s sad that people feel they can’t share for fear of this happening, as it’s so common these days. I would be pissed if someone ripped off something I’d created, but I’d hate to not share it just because someone might (or might not), as that was the reason I started this blog after all! Thanks for the feedback too! :)

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    The structure of the bodysuit is beautiful especially paired with that print – like a molecular take on leopard print! I’d love to see some more of your designs. Hope your skin gets better soon x

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    Love the golden spiked necklace! It suits perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

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    The idea of brain tissue printed sounds amazing! Do you use a special machine to print on fabric? Maybe this a very stupid question but I was wondering, Your blog is beautiful, love your illustrations.x

    Posted 13.03.2012 at 5:33 pm | Permalink

    Lucinda – Thank you & I love that description ‘Molecular leopard print’, all sorts of ideas are popping into my head now!

    Victoria – Thank you so much! Yes, it’s printed using a digital printer, I don’t do it myself, I send it off to be printed, I use RASmart or Forest Digital, they’re not cheap, but I think it’s worth the cost, as that way it’s washable just like a normal garment.

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    Simply stunning! Love the cut-outs!

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    Ah, so sorry to hear about the reaction you had! That is awful. There is nothing wrong then having your skin break out and react to something… especially when you totally aren’t expecting it. It always happens to me when I’m traveling (one time in Egypt in my arm totally swelled up after having testing some scented oil… not cool).

    Anyway. This top is gorgeous! I love the concept behind the print, the cutout sides and the whole coloring combination. Plus, that wiggle seam at the back is such a nice/subtle detail. You look HOTTTT. So hot, especially in that first photo… I like the whole, ‘I’m hiding behind my sexy hair’ look. You pull it off well. I want to see more of your stuff… am going in search of it now. xx

    Posted 16.03.2012 at 10:31 am | Permalink

    Eeek, That sounds awful & scary! I’d have freaked out! My skin just seems to be getting more & more sensitive the older I get! Boo! :(
    Hah! Thank you, I’m glad I don’t look as awkward as I feel in front of a camera! I’m hopefully gonna post more garments soon, as people seem to like them! :) I have a few old ones that I still love (like this), but I just need some free time to get making things, soo many dresses & tanks sketched out that I want to make for spring/summer!

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    beautiful blog!!!

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    it´s great visit this blog.

  22. Posted 22.03.2012 at 4:31 pm | Permalink

    That’s such a beautiful print and design, I think what you’ve done is amazing. You look really pretty (from what I can see, anyway), so don’t worry!

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    Yikes! Sucks what happened to your skin! ): This is why I totally don’t trust any sort of over-the-counter facial products anymore. You still look gorgeous though! (:

    I love the cutting of the top – the silhouette of the back is absolutely gorgeous. Are you thinking of setting up your own label, or are you already running one? o:

    valour & lace

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    that shirt/bodysuit is so amazing – I want one!

    Posted 26.03.2012 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    Steph – I pretty much just make things for myself when it’s something I can’t find to buy in the shops, or if I’m after something particular. I don’t really have any intentions for setting up a label, I have lost a little of my passion for it after 5-6 years of doing it at college & university, so it’s not something I’m really interested in at the moment. I guess maybe now I have my degree, I might regain the enthusiasm I had for it in the beginning after a little break, or I might not, so who knows, I’d never say never tho!

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    The bodysuit is phenomenal.

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