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FAIIINT sale wishlist, Allsaints wool biker, Topshop Maxi, Marc by Marc Jacobs rock ring, Pieces leather tote, French Connection jersey wrap top, studded leather clutch, Ann Demeulemeester triple belt, Maria Lau earrings, Just Female drape skirt, Estelle Deve necklace. All black.

I’m back from my little holiday break, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & an awesome New Years Eve! I always find it a little scary at the start of a new year, 2014, where the hell did the last year go?! To be honest though, I’m glad to see the back of it, 2013 was definitely a bit of an unlucky year for me & I’m hoping to make up for it throughout this one.

I usually get given money for Christmas, instead of presents, so I always look forward to the January sales & making the most of the discounts. The highstreet actually seems to have a lot of good stuff on sale this year, which is nice, as I normally find it a bit disappointing. I know all of these stores will have a further markdown in a few days though, as they always do, so now I’m trying to decide whether to buy now or wait – especially with the AllSaints wool jacket, I’ll kick myself if I buy it & it’s then discounted even more, but I’ll also do the same if I wait & it sells out!

I know the Topshop maxi is technically a maternity dress (and no I’m not trying to tell you anything!) but I figure with something as billowy as this a little extra fabric won’t be any issue. It’s already on it’s way to me along with the Just Female drape skirt, French Connection top & the AllSaints boots, so fingers crossed they all fit & that the dress doesn’t make me look pregnant! I am a little worried about the boots though, they are gorgeous but look very narrow fitting, I think I may cry if I can’t fit my huge feet into them!

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    Eeep, I love that dress! I wonder how it would look on!? I want to try it haha. I’ve been eyeing up that clutch for a while, it’s uber fierce. <3 Happy New Year! :) x

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      It’s soo nice, I’m hoping it will come tomorrow & that it will look normal, not unflattering on me! Fingers crossed! I have a belt from Topshop with the same covered studs & it’s one of my faves, so the clutch is definitely on my want list! :)

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    Just bought that All Saints jacket :D

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    That jacket is gorge! I hope your holidays were wonderful!



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    Oh, I need that maxi dress in my life.

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    You always find the best draped items. I was in all saints before I left and they had an awesome sale on, good luck getting that jacket.
    Oh and happy new year!

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      It’s been ages since they had a ‘good’ sale on, and this one is so good I just want everything! Eeek!

  7. Jenny
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    Ahh just love these picks especially the dress it looks fitting but I guess you will not know until you receive it in person :| such a nice dress though would be great if it was not maternity as it’s something I would consider. I also loved the wool jacket and All Saints reminds me of Religion Clothing a little but more pricier ;) I think you should buy the jacket as I always decide to leave it then it goes out of stock or worse down in price but even if it does go down in price you could always send it back! I once bought a pair of shoes that had a massive discount so I bought 2 pairs and sent the other back haha :D Hope you had a great holiday over Christmas and New Years and wish you all the best for 2014 and sorry to hear 2013 was not so good for you! x

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      I know, as far as I know they didn’t make it in a non maternity version – which I find really strange! I’m keeping my fingers crossed it looks ok when it arrives, as it’s so nice! That is a good point, maybe I should buy the jacket & hold onto it with its receipt for a few weeks incase it is further reduced! Hah! ;) Hope your 2014 is awesome too!

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    That dress is lovely! Happy new year, hope I finally get to meet you in person this year :)

    Maria xxx

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    Happy New Year Steph! Ahhhh, the All Saints sale is amazing, if only I had some money :'( I love the Vita wool coat. Great picks, I hope the boots fit you! xxx

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    Please tell me you ended up with the All Saints coat!? I reeally hope so! :)
    This is my first time visiting your blog and am mesmerized by your style xx
    Hope to keep in touch. Now following you on Bloglovin’ <3

    Happy New Year,

    • Posted 03.01.2014 at 9:58 pm | Permalink

      I haven’t yet, there are still lots of sizes left in the black so I’m going to gamble & hope it’s further discounted! Eeep!
      Thankyou for such a nice compliment & I’m so glad you enjoyed reading, going to check yours out now! :)

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    nice picks I can see you in every one of these. i’d wait for the jacket but that’s just me. i’m the the business of deciding on a splurgy leather one this year… but then i have a whole year to decide/save up enough. patience… >_<

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      I decided to wait, there’s still lots of sizes in the black, and I know they will mark down to 75% off in a few days, so waiting with my fingers crossed! I keep telling myself I will save up enough for a Rick Owens leather jacket, but then I always end up spending what I’ve saved on other things! Argh.

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    Happy New Year gorgeous! I found the Aussie sales rather disappointing and kinda tainted the experience for me so I didn’t and haven’t spent a cent. And I rather don’t plan on either LOL, seriously most things were only reduced by 20% which was the exact same sales they had going on prior to Christmas, so thank you, but no thank you. And screw 2013, it was either REALLY unlucky for me too. I’m hopeful this year will be bloody exceptional and I hope yours will be too!


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      That’s a bit rubbish, to be honest ours usually are crap too, so it’s nice that they’re pretty decent for a change! Hopefully they may discount stuff further in a week or so? Yeah, fuck 2013, I hope 2014 is an awesome one for you too! :D

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    What gorgeous pieces! I wish we had some better shops like that in New Zealand. The sales this year were pretty lousy. It sounds like 2013 was a pretty shocking year for a lot of people. I spent the better part of mine in hospital so 2014 will automatically be more awesome by default haha. Looking forward to all your posts this year – your blog is a huge inspiration for me.

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