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Hari & Deepti

Hari & Deepti paper cut shadow light boxes, wolves, forrest, deer & stagHari & Deepti paper cut shadow light boxes, wolf, men, forrest.Hari & Deepti paper cut shadow light boxes, wolves.Hari & Deepti paper cut shadow light boxes, men, forrest, deer & stagHari & Deepti paper cut shadow light boxes, men, forrest, tree of life.

Hari & Deepti an artist couple based in Colarado create magical shadow boxes from nothing more than intricately cut & layered sheets of paper & LED’s. The simplicity of the medium combined with their painstakingly detailed craftsmanship is what gives these pieces such beauty, and the stark contrast between the works lit & unlit states is mesmerising. Minimal, precice layers of white are transformed into dreamy, atmospheric visions once the lights go on, and you are truly able to appericate the level of intircacy & detail that has gone into each work.

Their pieces feel like scenes from ancient fairytales & myths, epic tales told around campfires of heroes versus monsters & good triumphing over evil. They speak of the wonders and beauty of nature, of a long gone time when man existed harmoniously alongside the rest of the world.

“Paper is brutal in its simplicity as a medium. It demands the attention of the artist while it provides the softness they need to mold it in to something beautiful. It is playful, light, colorless and colorful. It is minimal and intricate. It reflects light, creates depth and illusions in a way that it takes the artist through a journey with limitless possibilities.”
– Hari & Deepti

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Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing Maui Jim Kolohe Sunglasses FAIIINT Maui Jim Kolohe sunglasses on pink flowers

The weather makes such a huge difference to my mood, finally we’re getting some proper sunshine & I feel so much brighter and like I just want to get stuff done. Plus, I don’t think theres any better feeling than the first time in the year you can step outside in just a tank top after a long winter of being bundled up under a million layers. Of course I’m hiding out in the shade here though, I’m so pale at the moment that I actually glow when the sunlight hits me & I think I’d blind you all if I tried to take a photo in direct sunlight!

These ‘Kolohe’ sunglasses from Maui Jim arrived just in time for the nice weather & I’ve been enjoying the super lightweight shape of them compared to my usual heavier wayfarer or cat eye styles. They pride themselves on having some of the best lenses out there, and after trying them out I’m totally sold. I usually find myself squinting a little even through my darkest lenses, as my eyes are quite sensitive, but not with these. Everything looks so sharp and bright through them too. The best way I can describe it is they make everywhere look like a travel brouchure, all deep blues, golds & highly saturated bold colours, you can see a little comparison here to see what I mean. I’m still getting used to the more rounded shape of these, as I usually go for squared or angular styles, but I’ve been wearing them non stop since they arrived & so expect to see a lot more of them over the summer!

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Nica & AW14 Press Days

FAIIINT Nica AW14 handbags metallic gold, red, berry, quilted, sleeping fox hardware.FAIIINT Nica AW14 handbags press day grey & tan Lauren large crossbody & grab bags.FAIIINT Nica handbags AW14 press day Lizzy mini crossbody bags metallic gold, red,  mustard.

A little while ago now I was down in London with one of my favourite blogger girls Tara to catch a few press days & for her to do a live Twitter interview with Nica Kim of Nica. I’ve been having some laptop issues, and it ended up corrupting a load of the photos I took too, so it’s taken me a while to be able to get this up & is the reson for the lack of outfits recently too. Thankfully I am now blogging from a nice shiny new one, so things should be back to normal again now.

We headed straight to the Nica press day when we got there & were shown around the new collection by the lovley Sam before we got to sit down with Nica & talk to her about her brand & how she got started. It’s a great, almost fairytale-like story for a young designer, she won an internship with TLG Brands & they loved her designs so much that in 2005 they decided to give her her own brand & launched Nica. It was so inspiring getting to talk to her & despite the huge success the brand has achieved she is still very humble about it all, which is so refreshing. Check out Tara’s post for links to the full interview & some more photos.

The new collection is full of metallics & deep, autumnal shades. Most pieces are avaliable in black too, which I was obviously very happy about, but I also found myself drawn to the blackened berry shade you can see at the back in the first photo & the stormy blue grey with the golden hardware. I practically squeeled when I saw that lots of the new hardwear this season was in the shape of a little fox which reminded me so much of Nico! You all know I’m a crazy dog lady, so it’ll be no surprise to hear that I’ll be treating myself to a few of those when they’re released!

FAIIINT MLPR press day Kirsten Goss gold plated brass geometric jewellery cuffs & necklace, statement.FAIIINT MLPR AW14 press day Princesse Tam Tam nude vintage swimmer print & lace underwear bras & knickersFAIIINT MLPR AW14 press day Eberjey printed bikinisFAIIINT MLPR AW14 press day Unreal Fur realistic coats & jacketsFAIIINT Good Results PR AW14 press day Ruby & Ed realistic faux fur coats & jacketsFAIIINT Good Results PR AW14 press day Becksondergaard printed scarfsFAIIINT Good Results PR AW14 press day Becksondergaard leopard print pony hair purse, Twist & Tango leather jacketFAIIINT Good Results PR AW14 press day Twist & Tango clothing tailoring, knitwear & faux furFAIIINT Good Results PR AW14 press day Sugarhill Boutique clothing unicorn print dress

We also had a look around the rest of the MLPR press day, of which Nica was a part, before heading over to check out Good Results too. Kirsten Goss‘s gold plated statement brass jewellery was a real stand out for me & I completely fell in love with her geometric cuffs. Princesse Tam Tam is one of my favourite underwear brands, they make the best triangle bras along with Eberjey so I was pleased to see both of these there & despite my choices in clothing, I love frilly, girly underwear & thought the vintage swimmer print sets were just gorgeous.

One thing I was really pleased to see was a lot of really gorgeous quality fake furs, thanks to Unreal Fur & Ruby & Ed. I love the look of fur, but real fur is something I have always been very agaisnt & when you have brands now creating such soft, realistic & affordable versions like this, there is absolutely no excuse to go out & purchase the real thing anymore. I’ll stop myself there before this turns into a rant!

Tara has been singing Becksondergaard‘s praises to me for ages, but I’d never seen any of their pieces until person until now & I have to say, I totally get her love for them now. The printed scarfs are the most beautiful quality for such a reasonable price & I wanted to take home every one of their leather accessories! Tara fell in love with this leopard print ponyhair purse, but I had my eye on the black version, of course. Another brand I hadn’t seen in person before & loved was Twist & Tango, I don’t think I really even need to state how perfect that leather jacket is, or how much I would like to own absolutely everything on their rail!

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