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The Black Boots

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I did this quick sort of self-portrait earlier after laughing about how everyone knows me for my head-to-toe black outfits & for my addiction to buying black boots, even when they look just like 4 other pairs I already own… I love my black boots…

I’ve been having a bit of a play around with a few aspects of my illustration style recently too, mostly the hair, I’m in denial, but I need glasses quite badly & I’m finding I get really blurred vision after doing all the tiny strands of hair the way I usually do, sometimes I even have to stop for a break half way through! Normal people would get glasses, not change the way they draw, but I find my usual style leaves me quite limited in ways to shade the hair anyway, so thought that was the hint that it was time for a change! I’ve also be messing around on Photoshop, making the pencil lines coloured, rather than black, I think it makes it seem slightly softer. I much prefer the more realistic hair, but I’m not sure on the coloured line work, it maybe makes it too soft? I’m a bit of a sucker for a hard line, I blame it on reading too many comics.

Oh, and PS : My portfolio is now up! Click the link at the top to go have a look. Theres not a huge amount up at the moment, but it’s something I needed to get up ASAP, so I’ll be constantly adding to it & refining it over the next few weeks!

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Nude Finsk Wedges

Finsk, Wedges, Block, Shoes, Graphic, ChunkyFinsk, Wedges, Block, Shoes, Graphic, Falke Tights, Diamond Tights, ChunkyFinsk, Wedges, Block, Shoes, Graphic, Falke Tights, Chunky

I’ve had these Finsk wedges for a little while now, I brought them for cheap on Ebay, as they had a broken zipper, which I knew I could easily fix. I’ve only worn them a handful of times though, despite them being one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own. As much as I am trying to buy & wear other coloured shoes, these are one of only about 6 pairs I own that aren’t black, I always put them on & then end up switching them for a black pair at the last moment! Honestly, I’m so predictable! I do love the nude colour, but if they were black I know I’d probably have worn them to death by now…

I really can’t justify adding a new black pair to my already massive collection & it seems a shame this pair are sitting unworn, so I’ve decided to do a little DIY & I’m going to dye these black! I’ll be posting up some ‘after’ pictures once they’re finished if they turn out well, so fingers crossed!

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Yet again, I have to apologise for the lack of posts, I’ve been having scanner issues & have spent the last few days trying to fix it. As I didn’t really have the cash to buy a new one, and being a bit of a tech nerd, I really wanted to sort it out. It infuriates me when I can’t fix things, I guess this is down to coming from a family of ‘fixers’, if somethings broke one of us will be able to fix it, and I’m the tech one, so I spent the last few days determined to work out what was wrong, I contemplated taking it to bits to see what the problem was, but as it’s an all-in-one & the printer works fine, I didn’t want to risk it, so I caved & brought a new one…

I’m sure you’re probably noticing a little theme with the most recent illustrations, the fact I’ve become obsessed with circles & triangles. I’m putting this down to me spending a lot of time recently flipping through my Da Vinci book, as I can’t go to the exhibition at The National Gallery, it’s the next best thing, I’m telling myself that anyway, I’m seriously gutted to be missing it. Da Vinci used triangles & pyramids extensively in the composition of his paintings, they naturally draw the eye to the important aspects of the piece & invisibly mark out key areas, they are also one of those things that once you see them, you can’t unsee them & you then start noticing them all over the place!

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For some reason recently I have not been able to stop drawing birds, I don’t know what it is about them, but they are just so nice to draw & doodle, I guess maybe it’s all the feathers, you can really lose yourself in it & all the little details. I dug out my Wacom tablet for this too, for the highlights & extra shading, I don’t use it anywhere near as much as I should & this piece has persuaded me to use it much more often.

Crows & other members of the Corvid family are some of my favourite birds, I love all the mythology & tales that they have inspired, they are often considered mystical & associated with a trickster spirit, which I think is quite fitting of them, as they are highly intelligent. Corvid’s are the only other species besides humans, great apes, dolphins, orcas & elephants that are capable of self-awareness & can recognise themselves in a mirror, even using it as a means to groom themselves!

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I have become slightly obsessed with Colour Planet’s Tumblr. You select a colour from the top menu & the screen is filled with images of predominantly that colour, its beautiful to look at & I have just lost a few hours clicking on each & every colour listed along the top…

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