Black Summer

FAIIINT all black summer outfit wishlist Alexander Wang chiffon tank, Natalia Brilli leather necklace, Religion Olsen mazi dress, For Love & Lemons lace kitten bralet, Topshop pouch bag, Jovonna sheer skirt, Maui Jim Kolohe sunglasses, Giuseppe Zanotti gladiator sandals.

Summer finally feels like it’s arriving & so I’ve been sitting daydreaming about what I’ll be wearing once it’s here. People often ask if I wear black when it’s hot too, and then look at me like I’m crazy when I say I do! I’m not sure why because I think black looks wonderful in the summer months, especially when it’s all gauzy, sheer fabrics, a little lace peeking out of tank tops & swishy maxi dresses.

I’ve actually already brought myself the Religion ‘Olsen’ maxi dress, I’ve had my eye on it all winter, so now it’s finally warming up I just couldn’t resist any longer! It’s hard to see here, but the skirt section is full of different layers of chiffon making it quite fluffy & full, giving it this everyday princess kind of vibe, I can’t stop twirling around in it!

Sheer tanks & lace triangle bras were pretty much made for each other, and I love that this beautiful bralet from For Love & Lemons isn’t just lace, it has a little more coverage thanks to the satin overlay making it perfect for wearing under super sheer tops like this silk chiffon tank.

One thing I hate about summer is that I’m not a sandal person at all, I absolutely hate my feet & having them out, but it’s just not so comfortable stomping around in boots when it’s really warm. They have to be a pretty special pair to make me want to hand over my cash, but I think these Giuseppe Zanotti gladiators might just be that pair, though they have a price to match & it’s making me wince! They’re sandals, just a sole & some strips of leather, how can they be so much? I’d buy them in a heartbeat if I had that kind of cash lying around, but I’ll be holding my breath & keeping my fingers crossed these get heavily discounted in the sales for next year instead.

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    I LOVE that religion Maxi Dress. I bought it in burgundy but I actually returned it because I couldn’t handle all the layers and the rough finish but I still thought it was so beautiful!

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    itll be because black absorbs the that or something like that, im the opposite dreaming of wearing white all summer. problem is it will likely be cold and dull and i will likely spill food all over my white outfits lol. maybe i should pick up some black!

  3. Posted 23.04.2014 at 3:28 pm | Permalink

    That dress is soooo lovely, very you!

    The sandals are great but yes, expensive. (I feel like sandals fall apart so quickly, I hate to spend so much.)

  4. Posted 23.04.2014 at 7:24 pm | Permalink

    The lace bralet is gorgeous! And I know what you mean about having your feet out in summer it always makes me feel really self conscious of my feet xx

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  6. Posted 24.04.2014 at 8:40 am | Permalink

    I’ve nearly bought that dress countless times! It looks amazing on – you’re gunna look awesome in it! I’m not a big sandal person either but I do love a good pair of gladiators.

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    Girrrrl you gotta come to Melbourne for summer, or anytime year round actually. Black is always in style, come rain or shine. Though you’d have to let your footsies breathe in our summer, boots are a no-no because it’s tooooo hot!


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    Wow, those sandals are more expensive than I expected even with you having said they were expensive! I’m still in lust with the Charlotte Olympia flats, but I just can’t justify that amount of money at this point in my life sadly. I’ve fallen in love with most of your wishlist this time, your Religion dress is gorgeous, I can just imagine how girly and floaty it feels when it’s on. The lace bralet and the sheer tank top are lovely too. I’m a sucker for lace underwear, they’ve got a lovely Calvin Klein triangle bra in TK Maxx at the moment but I had to opt for the more practical style. My fingers are crossed for huge discounts on your sandals in the sales! It’s worth keeping an eye out on the sale sites like Brand Alley, Secret Sales etc. as I never thought I’d see the Charlotte Olympia flats on one of those sites, but not so long ago they popped up quite discounted (I had to resist!!). xxx

  9. Posted 27.04.2014 at 5:49 pm | Permalink

    That maxi dress is beautiful! I just bought this dress which I love and it really reminded me of you!

    Maria xxx

  10. jenny
    Posted 29.04.2014 at 11:26 am | Permalink

    I love religion and this maxi dress really does look incredible!! I have a few pieces from them and love the look and feel of each piece, very unique! I really like the lace bralet too and wanted something similar but unsure if I could style it to make it look casual enough haha! Love how you have styled it here though with the tank as it just blends together seamlessly xx

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    I love black for summer…I don’t see why as soon as the sun comes out we all have to wear pastel and florals? Love your picks here

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