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I don’t usually include menswear on this blog, unless it’s a really nice lookbook or editorial, so when New Look got in touch to ask if I’d create a wishlist of my favourite pieces to celebrate the re-launch of their menswear collection I thought it’d be a good excuse to include some. I own quite a lot of pieces from mens collections myself, because with shirts & sweaters I just love the slouchier fit & I often find the materials are nicer than the womens versions too.

Ollie has been wearing a lot more black recently (apparently hanging around with me too much does that to people, so I’m told!) & though he’s not quite to my monochrome standards just yet, if I had to dress him this is what I’d go for. To be honest, I’d happily wear this outfit head to toe myself too on a casual day! I definitely have my eye on that super soft cotton shirt & the chunky ribbed sweater, those are the type of things I’d totally buy for him in the hopes that he’d leave them lying around so that I could ‘borrow’ them to wear oversized too!


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