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Niki English

Niki English Vertigo handbags photographed by Ashley Joncas. Black & white futuristic rebel sci-fi lookbook editorial.Niki English Vertigo handbags photographed by Ashley Joncas. Black & white futuristic rebel sci-fi lookbook editorial.Niki English Vertigo handbags photographed by Ashley Joncas. Black & white futuristic rebel sci-fi lookbook editorial.

I’m probably not allowed to say that I’m ‘not a handbag person’ any more, now that I own a fair few, but it’s still true that I very rarely find myself getting all squealy & excited over one, like I do (constantly!) with shoes. So when I fall head over heels for a bag, you know it’s the real deal & New York based Niki English‘s ‘Vertigo’ collection is my newest crush.

With their sharp geometric panels, heavy textured leather & rigid shape, they have that kind of high fashion sci-fi feel that I’m such a sucker for. I can never resist accessories that make me feel like I’m some kick ass heroine that could take on the world when I put them on & I think everyone should have a few of these type of pieces in their wardrobes. These are exactly that, strong, stand out pieces, but without sacrificing usability as is all too often the case, a perfect blend of form & function, with multiple pockets & removable straps. Ashley Joncas‘s striking B&W photography for the lookbook & the great styling echo this feel too, tough & rebellious, yet undeniably classic & elegant too.

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Rick Owens Boots

FAIIINT Rick Owens peaked back slouchy aw 2009 black leather wedge bootsFAIIINT Rick Owens peaked back slouchy aw 2009 black leather wedge boots

I have been after these babies from A/W 2009 pretty much since I first saw them & I have been hunting for a pair in my size (that I could afford!) ever since. I became obsessed with the slouchy leather & those little peaked backs. Finally, after all these years scouring the internet, they are mine! When they arrived I don’t think I’ve ever opened a package faster & thankfully they fully lived up to my expectations in person, they are perfect & so comfortable too.

I have built up quite a collection of nice designer pieces over the years, but I could never afford to pay full price for them or even justify it if I could, so I rely on sales & eBay mostly. I discovered Vesitiare Collective a while ago, and had been religiously stalking the pages of a few particular designers I love, waiting for something special to come along.

When these popped up a few weeks ago, barely used & at a crazy affordable price, I pounced! If I’d come across them for this kind of price on eBay, I would have been very wary, but the great thing about Vestiaire Collective is that sellers send their item to their team in Paris first, who check & authenticate each piece before then sending it onto the buyer from there. If the item is found to be counterfeit or does not match the description & condition stated, you are refunded immediately & it is returned to the seller. It makes it risk free, and also highly addictive when the prices are often so good, you may have seen I have since purchased a Mulberry bag from them too! I have no self control!

Both times the customer service has been fantastic, and I couldn’t recommend them more, though I should apologise to your bank account! I’ve also sold a couple of my own things via their website recently, and again I couldn’t fault them, it was honestly one of the most stress & hassle free selling experiences I’ve had. It’s almost a shame they mainly just take luxury, designer items, as I’ve started to hate eBay & other selling sites so much that I now would rather just give unwanted things away (and regularly do) instead of wasting time listing them.

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January Sale Picks

FAIIINT wishlist January sale picks. Allsaints flora draped dress, Religion chiffon tee dress & morte anatomical bone brint sweatshirt, Reiss leather wrap skirt, Topshop satin kimono, Miista silver black ankle boots, Finsk ponyhair heels & asos geometric clutch.

I’ve spent far too much money this year already. I expected the sales to be a bit rubbish like they have been for the past few years & I didn’t bother saving any money for them, spending it on sensible things & basics instead. So of course when they finally dropped, they were better than ever & I wanted to buy everything! I couldn’t help but let myself off with a few extra purchases, I’m both happy for my wardrobe & sad for my bank account.

These are a few of my picks of things I wish I’d saved some cash for, mostly, I did give in & buy myself the bone printed ‘Morte’ sweatshirt from Religion. You know I can’t resist an anatomical print, and I’m justifying it by the fact I did need some warmer layers. Religion have become a really strong brand over the last year or so I think, there are so many pieces I’ve found myself coveting (and buying!) & though I’m not usually the greatest print fan, I would love to add more of theirs to my wardrobe. How beautiful is the fractured, branched print on the chiffon t-shirt dress?

A couple of these things I’ve had my eye on for a while, and I’m gutted I can’t take advantage now they’re super discounted. The draped AllSaints floral dress, I love how the splotchy print accents the drape & the buttery leather wrap skirt from Reiss, are the main ones. I’ve also wanted those distressed silver Miista ankle boots since I saw them at Fashion Weekend, thankfully there aren’t any left in my size or I’d probably end up dipping into my savings!

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Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing Theyskens' Theory Cropped Jacket, Mango draped cardigan, Isabel De Pedro printed shirt dress, BVRNT wooden necklace, Rick Owens Wedges, Balenciaga city bag. All black everything street style.Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing BVRNT unique one of a kind wooden shard necklace.Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing Theyskens' Theory Cropped Jacket, Mango draped cardigan, Isabel De Pedro printed shirt dress. All black everything street style details.Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing Isabel De Pedro black & white graphic printed shirt dress.Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing Theyskens' Theory Cropped Jacket, Isabel De Pedro printed shirt dress, BVRNT wooden necklace. All black everything street style details.

First outfit of the new year is a bit of a sombre one, it’s miserable outside & I’ve been struck down with the dreaded cold that I somehow managed to dodge over Christmas. Seems karma bit me in the ass for rubbing it in that I wasn’t ill like everyone else, as now the festivities are over & I have to get back to my heap of work, I feel like death. Typical. Excuse my even more scowly than normal face!

I can’t wait to wear this dress from Barcelona based Isabel De Pedro when it’s warm enough to not have to layer up, so I can show it off properly. It has so many nice little details, it’s double layered with a jersey upper that falls just below the bust & the longer chiffon layer underneath, plus the beautiful mirrored print that sits on each shoulder. It’s the kind of dress that doesn’t need anything else adding, it’s perfect on it’s own & that’s exactly how I’ll be wearing it once it warms up.

This necklace from BVRNT got quite a bit of attention when I posted it on Instagram last month, I love the concept behind the brand & I’ve been wearing this shard of wood non stop since it arrived, so expect to see a lot of it. Each necklace is handmade from the charred remains of campfires in the woods, creating unique & organic wearable art from the ashes, each one is special & completely one of a kind. The wood is given a coating to protect it & ensure it’s longevity, then simply strung on a brass chain, I love that my little spike looks both fragile & tough all at once. Go check the other pieces out here.

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Best Outfits of 2014

Fashion blogger Stephanie Brown of FAIIINT best all black gothic street style outfits of 2014

Happy 2015 guys! I don’t really have many traditions when it comes to New Year, but I always like to start the New Year on here with a round-up of my favourite outfits from the past one. It’s become a great tool in helping me refine my style, and I would highly recommend doing it yourself if you’re trying to figure your own style out or just want to improve it & make it stronger. Whether you have a blog & share them with the world or you just take a shot in your mirror each morning just for yourself, whenever you put something together that you love & that makes you feel great, take a quick photo of it!

Last year I said I wanted to further refine, experiment more and feel even more comfortable & confident in my own skin, I think when you compare this set to the last two, 2013 & 2012, you can definitely see this development. You’ll also probably notice many of the same items of clothing from all 3 years, I like to invest in things & wear them for many years & I really hate the wastefulness of constantly buying all new outfits. When you buy high quality pieces, that you truly love & are not dictated by trends, you’ll get endless enjoyment from them & find plenty of ways to wear them over & over without getting bored.

I think 2014 has been the year of the hat, over half of these I have one on & I wore that fedora a lot! I doubt that will change this year either, so I’m going to aim to try out even more styles. I’m also banning myself from saying ‘it’s too girly for me’, as a tomboy at heart I find myself saying this constantly, especially with fluffy skater style skirts & lace, but I tried it out in a couple of outfits here & surprised myself by loving it each time.

Do you guys have any favourites?

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