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Glasgow : Day 2

FAIIINT Glasgow architecture side street with neon signs mackintosh FAIIINT Glasgow architecture and buildings. FAIIINT Glasgow architecture and buildings. FAIIINT Glasgow architecture street and buildings

Feeling a little worse for wear after last nights Scottish Style Awards we were up bright and early for our second day in Glasgow. We all met in the cafeteria for a long breakfast, once again making the most of fry up, pastries and plenty of coffee to ease our hangovers, before meeting Fiona in the lobby for another packed day.

Our day started off with a walking tour exploring Glasgow’s distinct architecture, from it’s Victorian influences to Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s innovative designs and the output of his contemporaries working in the Glasgow Style of Art Nouveau. Our wonderful guides from the Glasgow School of Art were incredibly knowledgeable, showing us around all the key buildings, telling us their history, significance and plenty of interesting little bits of information about them and the city too. One of the things I loved most as we were walking around was the blend of old and new, beautiful Victorian buildings sitting right beside more modern, glass and metal structures so harmoniously it was as if it had always been like this. I really enjoyed this opportunity to have a proper look around and look up and take notice of things I would have otherwise walked straight past without any idea of their importance and I’d highly recommend booking a tour if you’re visiting the city.

After a brief stop for a cup of tea, our original plan had been to go see Iona Crawford at her studio, which I was super excited for as I loved her ‘Lilly’s Leaf’ and ‘Beauty and the Beasts’ collections. Sadly she ended up having to cancel due to unfortunate circumstances and so instead Fiona arranged for us to go along to the Cambridge Satchel Company’s Glasgow store to check out their exclusive Scottish pieces.


Cambridge Satchel Company…

FAIIINT Glasgow Cambridge Satchel Company bags and trunk. Navy blue, black, oxblood red. FAIIINT Glasgow Cambridge Satchel Company exclusive Scottish Harris Tweed bags. Oxblood red and grey. FAIIINT Glasgow Cambridge Satchel Company cloud scalloped edge small bags. Plum, pale blue, Black. FAIIINT Glasgow Cambridge Satchel Company embossing monogram machine. Plum luggage tag with gold embossed star cluster print.

I’m sure most of you know all about the Cambridge Satchel Company by now, they’ve become pretty iconic especially amongst the blogging community and it always makes me happy to see brands like this that have gone from being sewn in home studios to now having stand alone stores, and this is their first outside of England. It’s home to their Harris Tweed collection which is available exclusively from this store, fusing classic English design with traditional Scottish fabrics.

They also had lots of their new styles and colourways on show for us to coo over, my favourite has to be this deep plum colour and I loved the new scalloped edge ‘cloud’ bags too. There’s also an embossing machine in store, so that you can have your purchases monogrammed while you wait, it only takes a few minutes and really makes your purchase feel that extra bit special, it would be perfect for gifts. We were treated to a luggage tag with our choice of embossing to show us how it worked, the other girls went with initials, blog names and hashtags, but as soon as I saw the star stamp I knew I was going to have to get that and I love the way it came out.


Adventure Everywhere with Trakke…

FAIIINT Trakke Glasgow studio, sewing machines. FAIIINT Trakke Glasgow studio, sewing machines. FAIIINT Trakke Glasgow studio. Wee Lug and Bairn waxed cotton and Harris Tweed messenger bags with Timorous Beasties thistle print. FAIIINT Trakke Glasgow studio. Krukke backpack bag in grey herringbone Harris Tweed and red check.

Housed at SWG3 in Glasgow’s West End is Trakke, a small team of people who are truly passionate about their brand and it’s ethos. They create timeless, functional bags for the everyday adventurer, whether that’s hiking, biking or just navigating the urban jungle. Their products are handmade in Britain from British materials and are made to last, these are pieces that only get better with age, telling the story of their adventures and developing a character all of their own.

My personal favourites were the Wee Lug in classic waxed black cotton, the Krukke in beautiful grey herringbone Harris Tweed and the smaller, limited edition Bairn messenger featuring a gorgeous Timorous Beasties thistle print. They’ve really hit it out of the park in creating pieces which you’ll want to cherish forever, beautifully and simply designed to give them a timeless edge but with great little details that give them their own signature too, plus they are truly functional with plenty of pockets, durable buckles and fastenings, hard wearing materials and roomy enough to carry everything you’d need.


Champagne Sundays at The Gannet…

FAIIINT The Gannet Glasgow Champagne Sundays. FAIIINT The Gannet Glasgow Champagne Sundays. Beetroot salad. FAIIINT The Gannet Glasgow Champagne Sundays. Black pudding scotch duck egg. FAIIINT The Gannet Glasgow Champagne Sundays. FAIIINT The Gannet Glasgow Champagne Sundays. Bread basket. FAIIINT The Gannet Glasgow Champagne Sundays. Farfalle pasta with mushrooms and egg. FAIIINT The Gannet Glasgow Champagne Sundays. Meringue with berries and salted caramel fondant with tonka bean ice cream.

Our last stop before saying goodbye to Glasgow and catching our flights back home was The Gannet to sample their Champagne Sundays menu. I’m not sure if we were just lucky enough to be taken to two exceptional places to eat, or if Glasgow actually has some of the best food around, but I haven’t enjoyed eating out this much in ages.

The Gannet focuses on fine dining without the faff and on celebrating the best of Scottish produce with all ingredients coming directly from sustainable sources. Set in a beautiful grade II listed tenement building the atmosphere is casual and relaxed, we enjoyed sipping on champagne and tucking into some of the most delicious fresh bread (seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!) whilst we chatted about all of the things we’d gotten upto over the past 2 days. The menu was short and sweet, with one vegetarian option for each course I didn’t really need to choose but I was pleased to see they were interesting dishes, so no complaints here. I went with a beetroot salad (isn’t that just the prettiest salad you ever saw?) for starter, followed by farfalle with mushrooms and egg and finishing up with the most incredible melt in the middle salted caramel fondant and tonka bean ice cream. The others had scallops, pig’s head croquette, scotch beef, pan fried cod and black pudding scotch duck eggs, and all said how great and beautifully cooked everything was too. I love this type of food, it’s unfussy, warm and comforting and so perfect for this time of the year.

After the perfect way to end the day, we hugged Fiona goodbye thanking her for showing us around and headed back to the hotel to catch our taxis to the airport. I had the best time, falling a little in love with Glasgow in the process and I genuinely can’t wait to go back to explore this city a little more. It’s made me realise that I really do need to visit more of the UK, we have such a lot of amazing places here and they’re right on my doorstep, so there’s just no excuse.

Huge thanks again to Fiona, Erin and the People Make Glasgow team for a wonderful weekend. If you’d like further information on booking a trip to Glasgow visit

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Glasgow : Day 1 & The Scottish Style Awards

FAIIINT Scottish Style Awards 2015 at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow.

A few weekends ago I was invited along to Glasgow with Tara to attend the Scottish Style Awards and check out a few of the cities highlights. I always have this weird sense of guilt when I have to admit that even though I’ve been all over the world, I’ve hardly visited any of the UK. I had never even been to Scotland until now either, so I was super excited to be given this opportunity to go and explore Glasgow for the weekend, and it made such a great first impression too.

Both of us flew in the night before, so we hopped straight into our waiting taxi and headed to the hotel (more on that soon!) to get ourselves checked in. We grabbed a cuppa each and had a good catch up before getting an early night ready for the next day. Well, I say an early night, it would have been if I hadn’t spent an hour playing with the cool iPad control in my room and generally being too excited to sleep! On Saturday morning we got up early to make the most of breakfast, stuffing ourselves on pastries, waffles and full English, before we made our way down to the lobby to meet the lovely Fiona and Erin from People Make Glasgow who were showing us around for the weekend. We were also joined by three other bloggers and some of the nicest girls I’ve met, Lizzie, Emma and Chloe who’d all arrived that morning, completing our little group.


Bubbles & Brunch at Hutchesons…

FAIIINT Hutchesons Glasgow Bubble & Brunch. Croissants, orange juice and prosecco. FAIIINT Hutchesons Glasgow Bubble & Brunch. DSC_5521_2 FAIIINT Hutchesons Glasgow Bubble & Brunch. Eggs royal and prosecco. FAIIINT Hutchesons Glasgow Bubble & Brunch. Caramelised banana pancakes with chocolate and maple syrup.

I wish I could start every day with bubbles & brunch, I was already excited for all of the fun things that had been planned for us but this really put me in the best mood for the entire rest of the day! It was also the perfect first stop as it meant we all got to have a good chat and get to know each other a little better before heading off for the rest of the days activities.

The award winning Hutchesons is housed in an iconic Grade A listed building, originally built as a hospital in 1802, it’s a beautiful space full of high ceilings, ornate decorative features, stained glass and chandeliers. It’s basically the perfect place for drinking fizz in the AM and not feeling guilty about it, as their menu says – “Brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast” and I couldn’t agree more!

As we decided what to order, our table was laid out with fresh croissants, jams and orange juice, and our glasses filled up with a seemingly endless supply of prosecco. The others went for classic Eggs Royal and Benedict, and Tara ordered French toast stuffed with bacon, mozzarella and drizzled in maple syrup, I have never felt so sad to be a vegetarian! I finally settled for the pancakes layered with caramelised bananas, chocolate and maple syrup, and they were every bit as incredible as they sound.


Trying on hats at William Chambers…

FAIIINT Milliner William Chambers hat shop in Glasgow. Gold and navy blue flowers wedding hats. FAIIINT Milliner William Chambers hat shop in Glasgow. Bloggers trying on hats. FAIIINT Milliner William Chambers hat shop in Glasgow. Tara of The Style Rawr trying on a colour block fedora. FAIIINT Milliner William Chambers hat shop in Glasgow. Gold, silver, grey and navy blue flowers wedding hats.

After brunch we all took a short (and slightly tipsy!) walk over to visit award winning milliner William Chambers and his partner Niall at his city centre store. William creates bespoke handmade hats, headpieces and bridal millinery, his pieces are incredibly beautiful and elegant, but with a modern edge making them highly wearable. He has been praised by the likes of Stephen Jones as one to watch and his pieces have been worn by numerous style icons, including Roisin Murphy and Anna Dello Russo amongst many others.

William and Niall talked us through how it all got started, the creative process and how William crafts each hat to perfectly fit it’s wearer and the occasion. We were invited to try on any pieces we liked ourselves, which of course lead to lots of selfie and photo taking, I’ll let Tara do the showing off here – how much does she need that hat? My favourites were a huge black wide brim hat, which sadly my camera did no justice to and the headband topped with golden flowers and netting.


On to Rainbow Room to get our hair sorted…

FAIIINT Rainbow Room salon George's Square Glasgow. FAIIINT Rainbow Room salon George's Square Glasgow. Rainbow Room salon George's Square Glasgow. Tara of The Style Rawr with her hair finished ready for the Scottish Style Awards. Rainbow Room salon George's Square Glasgow. Stephanie of FAIIINT with hair ready for the Scottish Style Awards.

Finally it was time to start getting ready for the evenings awards and we were all booked into Rainbow Room in Georges Square for their award winning team to work their magic on making our hair look awesome. I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted doing with mine but I knew the dress I would be wearing had shoulder details that I wanted to be on show, not hidden behind my mane. I mentioned this to my wonderful stylist and she knew exactly what to do, we ended up going for a deep side parting with the rest pinned back to show off one shoulder. It was perfect and so nice to feel like I was in such capable hands, happily letting her do her thing and just knowing it would look great.

I don’t normally do a whole lot with my hair and I pretty much wear it in the same style no matter what I’m doing, as you’ve probably realised, but I actually really loved this look and will definitely be trying it out again in the future.


The Scottish Style Awards!

FAIIINT Scottish Style Awards 2015 at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow. Sophie Cave Floating Heads installation. FAIIINT Scottish Style Awards 2015 at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow. Tables with Moet and Chambord. FAIIINT Scottish Style Awards 2015 at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow. White band perform. FAIIINT Scottish Style Awards 2015 at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow. FAIIINT Scottish Style Awards 2015 at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow. Tables and chairs with gift bags. FAIIINT Scottish Style Awards 2015 at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow. Winners Hutchesons collect their award. FAIIINT Scottish Style Awards 2015 at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow. FAIIINT Scottish Style Awards 2015 at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow. Catwalk show Jane Davidson. FAIIINT Scottish Style Awards 2015 at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow. Catwalk finale. FAIIINT Scottish Style Awards 2015 at Kelvingrove art gallery and museum in Glasgow. Red carpet bloggers.

A quick taxi back to the hotel to get dressed and redo our makeup and before we knew it we were on our way over to Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum for the awards. The museum itself is so grand and beautiful, it was a perfect setting for the evening. I got to have a little peek inside some of the galleries but I would love to come back here in the daytime to be able to have a proper look around at their collections, which includes one of the finest collections of European arms and armour in the world plus works by Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet and Dali, a vast natural history collection and one of the largest collections of 17th century Dutch and Flemish Old Masters in the UK.

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by Sophie Cave’s ‘Floating Heads’ installation, which looked even ghostlier in the dim lighting and I couldn’t stop staring at it and all of the different expressions as we made our way upstairs for cocktails. After drinks and a little mingling (and my foot getting maimed by a dropped bottle of Moët! It’s always me!), we were lead back downstairs to our tables for dinner and the main event, hosted by Sophie Kennedy Clark. After a wonderful 3-course meal and plenty of champagne we were treated to a short set from White, followed by the main awards and a catwalk show featuring pieces from some of Glasgow’s best boutiques.

I was having a little panic about what I was going to wear the week before, until I remembered I’d scored this beautiful Todd Lynn dress on eBay for such a steal a few months ago and hadn’t had an occasion to wear it to, until now! Sadly I wasn’t able to get any decent outfit photos of it on, other than these fuzzy iPhone shots, as it was just far too dark inside for my camera. I’m planning to put it on again for a re-shoot though soon, so I can show it off to you guys properly as it really deserves to be seen in all it’s glory.

We all had such a wonderful evening and were feeling pretty knackered after such a busy day, knowing we had to be up early for another day full of exploring, we briefly checked out the after party before climbing into a taxi and finally falling into bed with a cup of tea ready for tomorrow.

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Win Tickets to The Clothes Show 2015


The Clothes Show used to be a bit of a yearly tradition when I was younger, living in Leicester and only a short train ride away from Birmingham, as a teen me and my friends would save up all of our birthday money (and beg for Christmas money early!) and head off for a whole day of discounted shopping. It used to be something I looked forward to every year but I haven’t visited for quite a few years now, feeling a little like I’d outgrown it and the brands there as I got older, so I’m really excited to see that this year they’ve had a huge makeover.

For 2015 they have re-launched, refuelled and revamped with a whole host of new and varied fashion labels and beauty brands joining the line-up and offering discounts on their latest collections, plus catwalk shows, music (including Charli XCX on Saturday) and talks from leading industry insiders. One of the things I am most excited about is that this year they are including a section for independents, graduates and start-ups to showcase and sell their pieces, you know I’m all about supporting new talents so I can’t wait to see who will be there and what new brands I’ll discover. I’m also of course looking forward to shopping some of my favourite brands, the new designer outlet, graduate catwalk show and also the Olympus PEN Style Studio with Hilary Alexander, interviewing some of our brightest young designers.

I’ll be heading down myself on the Saturday to check out the re-launch and I’ve also got one pair of tickets to giveaway for the same day – we can grab lunch if you like too! Check out the line-up for Saturday’s show here and if you’d like to win them, all you need to do is enter using the widget below, you can do as many or as few of the options as you like and the winner will be selected at random from all valid entries on the 19th.

If you’re not lucky enough to win, tickets are still available to buy from The Clothes Show website, drop me a tweet or email if you’re going! Good luck!

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