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Summer, Oufit, Olympics, Next, Next Scarf, 2012, London Olympics, Supporters Scarf, Ligia Dias Necklace, ASOS, Shirt, Sleeveless, Head Scarf, 50's, Retro, Quiff, Hair Roll, Cat Eye Sunglasses, All SaintsSummer, Oufit, Olympics, Next, Next Scarf, 2012, London Olympics, Supporters Scarf, Ligia Dias Necklace, ASOS, Shirt, Sleeveless, Head Scarf, 50's, Retro, Quiff, Hair Roll, Cat Eye Sunglasses, All Saints, Husky, Puppy, Siberian HuskySummer, Oufit, Olympics, Next, Next Scarf, 2012, London Olympics, Supporters Scarf, Husky, Puppy, Siberian HuskySummer, Oufit, Olympics, Next, Next Scarf, 2012, London Olympics, Supporters Scarf, Ligia Dias Necklace, ASOS, Shirt, Sleeveless, Head Scarf, 50's, Retro, Quiff, Hair Roll, Cat Eye Sunglasses, All Saints, Husky, Puppy, Siberian HuskySummer, Oufit, Olympics, Next, Next Scarf, 2012, London Olympics, Supporters Scarf, Husky, Puppy, Siberian Husky

Finally it has begun to feel like Summer! It’s been so nice to be able to sit in the garden with an ice cold drink, flicking through magazines & playing with Nico. Fingers crossed it stays this way, though as I’m typing this it seems as though the sky is going come crashing down with all the thunder & hail!

With the sun finally out I’ve been really getting caught up with the Olympics fever everyone else seems to have got already. I’m not usually much of a sports fan but with it being held in London this year, I have to admit I’m finding myself feeling pretty patriotic & excited about it!

I don’t wear my hair up very often, but it has been far too hot & sticky to wear it down, so I’ve been taking the opportunity to practice & test out holiday hairstyles. I feel sort of naked with it all scraped back, so I always have to have a quiff, roll or huge bun when I tie it up & it has to be a little scruffy looking, I don’t do neat! This is a super quick & messy style, but I love that it keeps it all out of my face & off my back without having to use any tight hairbands or millions of uncomfortable pins. Next kindly sent me one of their official supporters scarfs as part of their ‘I’m Supporting’ campaign & it couldn’t have arrived at a better time, I’ve been looking for another nice, large headscarf for a while now. I love that the majority of it is navy, with just a few hints of red & white when it’s tied, I think it keeps it from becoming just another tacky souvenir & I could easily see myself wearing it long after the Olympics are over.

Of course, Nico hates to be left out, so as soon as he saw we were taking photos he wanted in on the action too! We couldn’t resist letting him have a go with the scarf & the photos were too cute to not share! I haven’t had the heart to tell him that there’s no sled dog event though!

PS: Next are currently holding lots of competitions for Olympics related prizes, all you have to do is enter a picture of yourself wearing one of the scarfs to be in with a chance of winning! Go here!

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Isabella Morawetz

Isabella Morawetz, Maelstrom, Digital, Painting, Dark, Photoshop, Wacom

Isabella Morawetz’s ‘Maelstrom’ was part of my inspiration board on Sunday, but I fell so hard in love with her work that I thought it really deserved its own post. Her work is primarily digital, using Photoshop & a Wacom tablet, but it has such a beautiful painterly quality about it, it’s almost hard to believe.

I came across her ‘Maelstrom’ piece whilst browsing Tumblr, I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad that the person who had posted it had included the source! Does anyone else get as annoyed as I do with Tumblr for that? I swear, there’s nothing worse than seeing something amazing & having no idea where it came from or who made it! The colour palette, textured look & purposely unfinished bottom half reminded me so much of Francis Bacon’s work, being one of my absolute favourite artists it’s no surprise I loved it as much as I do. Whilst her other work is nowhere near as dark as this, and I would say this is my favourite piece, it is all equally as stunning. The attention to detail just blows me away & the mixture of textures, especially the use of the canvas-esque one, create such depth that at first glance you’d assume they were oils.

I used to do a lot of digital painting, but it has been such a long time since I last did any, as over the past few years my work gradually became more illustrative & less realistic. This has really inspired me to have a little play around with a more realistic digital style though, especially now I have my new Wacom. I’ve been meaning to paint more for a while & this way is so much less messy!

Isabella Morawetz, Girl, Painting, Digital, Photoshop, Ombre, Hair, Pastel, Fairytale, Sparkly, Dip Dye, Blue, Green, PortraitIsabella Morawetz, Lips, Close up, Painting, Digital, Photoshop, Study, MouthIsabella Morawetz, Painting, Digital, Photoshop, Portrait, Hand, Girl, Dark, Haunting, IsolationIsabella Morawetz, Painting, Digital, Photoshop, Blood, Mouth, Close Up, Lips, Vampire, Bleeding
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Candy Pop!

Ballad Of, Magazine, Candy Pop, Baby K, ASOS, Lilac, Dress, Denim, Topshop, Black, Cropped, Tux, Jacket, COS, Belt, Topshop, Lace Up, Boots, Balenciaga City, Bag, Ligia Dias, NecklaceTopshop, Lace Up, Ankle Boots, Battered, Worn, Distressed

Last Friday was the Ballad Of Candy Pop party for the launch of the latest issue ‘Baby K’, which I have a double page spread of illustrations in! Exciting! I’m just waiting for the post man to deliver my copy, so I shall give you all a look when it arrives! We had a wonderful night & got extremely spoilt with free drinks & goodie bags packed to the brim with awesome candy pop stuff! I only wish we could have stayed a little longer & that I’d had time to get my nails done!

The theme for the night was obviously ‘Candy Pop’, I hate to not make an effort & dressing up for themed parties is one of my most favourite things, so I didn’t want to go in my usual head to toe black. My wardrobe is distinctly lacking anything at all girly, so I decided to order this lilac dress from ASOS. Of course I had to add heaps of black to balance out the girly hue though! I’m surprised how much I like it actually, I think with it being denim & the seam detailing, it keeps it from being too girly & the lilac is beautifully faded & just the right side of being greyish that it’s almost a neutral. It’s a good addition to my tiny ‘not black’ side of the wardrobe!

I bet you’re wondering why I did a shoe photo of these almost falling to pieces boots, but they are possibly one of my favourite pairs & the pair I wear most often, so I felt it was only fair! I’ve had these for years, they are easily the most comfortable shoes I own & they are my go to shoe for gigs & festivals. When I heard the party was being held at The Old Blue Last, a notorious live music venue, I knew they were the only shoes that would do. The more battered they get, the more I love them, I think I will keep wearing them until they literally drop off my feet! I’ve already started scouring eBay in the hopes another pair will be listed, so that I can have a back up pair on standby!

I’m not sure if it was the free shots, or the fact we got talking to people, but before we knew it was time to get the train home & I totally forgot to take any photos of the night! I know, I’m a rubbish blogger! Below is a little instagram round up with a few from me & the rest from the Ballad Of facebook page so you can get a little feel for the night! I’m already looking forward to the next one & I promise I wont forget next time!

Ballad Of, Magazine, Candy Pop, Baby K, Launch, Party, Instagram
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17.06.12 – 24.06.12

FAIIINT, Inspiration

#1 : Blue Quartz Ring / I’m developing a serious love for quartz jewellery, I love how organic & rough this piece looks.
#2 : Full Moon / How gorgeous is this?!
#3 : Sølve Sundsbø for Love Magazine / I’ve always loved Kristen McMenamy, but this is breathtaking!
#4 : Ocean / This weathers leaving me daydreaming about sunny, sandy beaches… I can’t wait to get away!
#5 : Dirk Lambrechts / Stunning! I love how the skirt looks like a pair of wings!
#6 : Isabella Morawetz / Fallen in love with this girls work, totally digital, but it looks so painterly…
#7 : Ursa Major necklace from Twinklebird / I love looking at the stars & finding constellations, so this is just calling my name!
#8 : Interview Magazine Russia (via Sea of Ghosts) / Perfection!
#9 : Dsquared2 Spine Boots / I’m still craving a pair of these, they’re so me it hurts! Very tempted by the knockoffs on eBay…

10 Favourite / Most Played Tracks This Week…

Click to open in Spotify : [ Playlist for 17.06.12 – 24.06.12 ]

#1 : Zola Jesus / Lightsick
#2 : Delphic / Doubt
#3 : Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Phenomenon
#4 : Death From Above 1979 / You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine
#5 : Bloc Party / Hunting For Witches
#6 : Pixies / Break My Body
#7 : Patrick Wolf / Accident & Emergency
#8 : Eagles of Death Metal / Cherry Cola
#9 : Anna Calvi / Desire
#10 : Metric / Gimme Sympathy

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Acid Wash

ASOS, Acid Wash, Dress, Body Con, Tight, Grey, Black, Topshop, Boutique, Wedges, Platform, High, Bandage, Cut Out, Lion Claw, Necklace, All Saints, Cat Eye, SunglassesASOS, Acid Wash, Dress, Grey, Black, Lion Claw, Necklace, Bangles, Brass, Studs, Crosses, Cross, Chain, CC Skye, SpikesTopshop, Boutique, Bandage, Wedges, Black, Cut Outs, Platform, High, Chunky, Pleated

This necklace from Lux Coronette is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. Cast from a real lions claw & made from recycled bullet casings, I think it’s really unique & I love the idea of something so destructive being turned into something so beautiful. I’m a Leo, so I feel like it’s a good talisman for me & I’ve become incredibly attached to it. I don’t actually believe in horoscopes/star signs at all, but I love the idea of them & the mythology that goes along with them, plus I’m often told I’m quite cat-like, so maybe there’s a little something there!

The very yellowish gold colour of the casings is really unique too, and the fact it’s in no way plated & will not discolour is a huge bonus to me. I hate getting attached to wearing something, only for it to become discoloured & unwearable within a month or so. It’s the main reason I mostly steer clear of cheap jewellery. I made an exception for this Forever 21 chain bangle though, it was too cheap to pass up & once it discolours I’m going to spray paint it matte black, I think it’ll look just as nice like that & hopefully that will get me a few more wears out of it!

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