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I realised a few days ago that I haven’t posted an illustration in quite a while, so I thought it was time I finished off this one that has been sitting here half completed for a few weeks…

I’m really enjoying drawing things influenced by nature & folk tales at the moment, I’ve always been fascinated by both of those things but recently it seems to be spilling over into everything I do. I have also realised that my fashion education has given me a serious aversion to drawing clothes! After having drawn nothing but clothing on models for almost 6 years, I think I’m just totally fed up with it! Plus everything I do just seems so much cleaner & slicker without the extra fuss of clothing, so sorry if you’re bored of these nude/barely clothed illustrations, but I guess there will be quite a few more until I feel like drawing clothes again!

I’m not entirely happy with this piece & it will probably end up being changed around a little before I’m satisfied enough to say it’s done. I’m not really sure what it is, everyone I’ve shown it to has said it looks finished to them, but to me there’s something missing & I can’t quite put my finger on it. This is the main reason it’s been sitting unfinished, it just doesn’t seem like it is. If anything glaringly obvious stands out to you, or you have any (constructive!) criticism, I’d love it if you could leave a comment letting me know! It’s always great to hear from others about your work & especially if it’s something constructive. I often prefer when people tell me they don’t like my work & their reasons behind that, instead of just saying ‘Oh, it’s nice!’ or something similar. So don’t be afraid to say, even if it’s ‘I hate it’ (just let me know why!) …

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Shoe Dying

DIY, Wedges, Topshop, Dye, Dying, Colour Change, Buckles, GladiatorDIY, Wedges, Topshop, Dye, Dying, Colour Change, Buckles, GladiatorDIY, Wedges, Topshop, Dye, Dying, Colour Change, Buckles, Gladiator

One of my favourite things to do & possibly one of my worst habits is dying coloured shoes black. These chocolate Topshop wedges were another eBay buy, another attempt to integrate more non-black shoes into my wardrobe. They’re dark I thought, not far off black, I’ll definitely wear those. They’ve been sitting on my shelf collecting dust for months, so it was time I gave in & just dyed them!

I also have a strange habit of ‘rescuing’ ugly coloured shoes from the sale section & turning them black. It probably has something to do with them always being cheaper too, but, yes, I am one of those people who treats inanimate objects as if they have feelings… ‘Don’t worry poor shoes, I will take you home & give you a makeover, then you’ll be beautiful!’…

Whenever I mention that a pair I’m wearing are dyed, I always get the ‘Oh, I daren’t do that’ ‘What if you ruined them?!’ kind of remarks. Honestly, it’s one of the easiest things you can do & you can’t really go wrong at all. Get a cheap pair from eBay & have a go, I promise you’ll soon be addicted when you see how easy it is! It’d be pointless me doing a step by step tutorial, it’s literally : clean, apply dye, wait, second coat, condition… so I thought I’d just share some tips / advice I’ve picked up along the way.

Tips for dying leather shoes…

#1 : Don’t try to dye synthetic shoes. Just don’t, it’s not worth it. I know there are dyes specifically for this type of shoe, but they are basically paint – it will peel & flake. Same applies to using a dye that promises to dye shoes to a lighter colour then they were originally, these are also paint.

#2 : Get the right kind of dye. There are types for normal leather, suede, nubuck. You can use a normal leather dye on suede, but sometimes it can make it a bit ‘crunchy’.

#3 : Always clean the shoe first. If you have deglazer or a dye prep use this, if not, just give them a really good scrub with a toothbrush, lots of water & a little washing up liquid. Your aim is to strip off any coating the leather may have had applied & to make sure there’s no muck or oils on it. Make sure to thoroughly wash the washing up liquid off if you use this, your shoes should be soaking wet.

#4 : If you can see any glue residue, usually around the edges of the sole, the dye won’t be able to penetrate the glue, so you need to clean it off. A cotton swab & some nail polish remover will usually do the trick.

#5 : Some dyes will dye the stitching, others wont. I usually use ‘Punch Leather Dye’ & this will dye stitching too, the suede version doesn’t though, so always test this on a hidden part inside the shoe to be sure.

#6 : You won’t be able to change the colour of any zips, though you can get these replaced by a cobbler.

#7 : If the shoe has a wooden, plastic or similar heel, the dye will stain this, so always use a few layers of masking tape to cover it.

#8 : Be realistic! Dye is very runny & really messy. I would have liked to have kept the inside of these that lovely tan colour, but even if I’d been super careful using a tiny little brush, it would never have been neat enough to look decent, so I just dyed everything.

#9 : Even if the box says one coat is enough, always do at least 2 for a really nice even colour.

#10 : ALWAYS use a leather conditioner or cream after letting the shoes dry for 24-48 hours. The chemicals in the cleaner & dye are really drying on the leather & you don’t want to end up with cracked & hardened leather after all the time spent dying them.

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10.06.12 – 17.06.12

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#1 : Whirlwind by Kim Joanne / Dreamy
#2 : Fraulein Kink Kitty Ears / Love the colours & photography here, and I really want the ears too!
#3 : Joshua Samuel Francis Brown Ink on Paper / Beautiful colours, this would be an amazing print for a draped dress!
#4 : X Ray Ribs / I want to make pretty versions of my own brain scan images like this!
#5 : Alexander Wang Resort ’13 / Favourite resort collection by far, I want every single piece!
#6 : Backstage Dresser Lookbook / Dreamy colours & I love the star print bandeau.
#7 : Clean workspace / Seriously need to tidy my own desk up & I love the inspiration wall & the antlers.
#8 : Francis Bacon “Painting 1946” / One of my all time favourite artists & possibly my favourite work of his, I have been re-reading my “Interviews with Francis Bacon” book this week.
#9 : Topshop Unique Winged Heels / Wish I had brought these when I had the chance, now sold out!

10 Favourite / Most Played Tracks This Week…

Click to open in Spotify : [ Playlist for 10.06.12 – 17.06.12 ]

#1 : Audioslave / Show Me How To Live
#2 : Black Spiders / KISS Tried To Kill Me
#3 : Delphic / Doubt
#4 : The Chapman Family / Kids
#5 : Biffy Clyro / The Captain
#6 : Dinosaur Jr. / Pieces
#7 : Band Of Horses / Laredo
#8 : Frank Turner / I Still Believe
#9 : Sharks / ‘Til The Wonders Rise
#10 : Eels / Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues

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I’ve been sorting my wardrobe out recently & have been unearthing so many things I’d totally forgotten about. I love that feeling of re-finding something you used to wear all the time & getting obsessed with it all over again…

This Galibardy necklace is one of those things & has been constantly around my neck the past week or so. It’s one of those pieces that never fails to get people talking, whether they love it for it’s quirky, slightly dark & morbid charm or hate it for pretty much those exact same reasons. People just seem to love giving me their opinion on it, whilst I was waiting at the bus stop an old lady noticed it & and asked firstly if they were teeth & then looking a little shocked asked if they were real! I told her they weren’t & she then talked to me whilst we waited about how interesting it was & how she still has her husbands gold teeth!

I’ve also been getting a little obsessed with All Saints again & have been digging out all my old dresses, I just love their cuts & silhouettes & the way they play with textures. Normally I’m not much of a fan of embroidery anglaise, it’s a little too girly & sweet for me, but somehow here it just works. I think it’s the mixture of the draping, the colour & the slightly disheveled look about it, as soon as I saw it I knew it was mine!

PS: Apologies for my slightly startled face, it was extremely windy & these were the only two usable photos!

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FAIIINT, Draped, Jacket, Leather, Cropped, ASOS, Bangle, Orange, Black, Maxi, Dress, Topshop, Wedged, Studs, Belt, Studded, WIWT, OOTD, Park, Nature, OutfitFAIIINT, Draped, Jacket, Leather, Cropped, ASOS, Bangle, Orange, BlackFAIIINT, Draped, Jacket, Leather, Cropped, Black, Back, DetailFAIIINT, Draped, Jacket, Leather, Cropped, ASOS, Bangle, Orange, Black, Maxi, Dress, Topshop, Wedged, Studs, Belt, Studded, WIWT, OOTD, Park, Nature, Outfit

I hate to do the stereotypical British thing & moan about the weather, but seriously, it’s June & I’m wearing a heavy maxi dress & a leather jacket & still feeling like I’d happily wrap up even more! I decided to use the opportunity to get a few more wears out of the draped leather jacket I made last year, I’m sure most of you have already seen the previous post about it & me professing my love for this ‘tester’ – here. I think it’ll be one of those things I keep & wear forever, despite it being my first attempt & knowing that it is far from perfect, I just love it regardless. I really do need to get making a few more for Autumn though, I still really want to do a nude version, but still haven’t found that perfect nude leather I’ve been searching for to use for it…

I’ve also fallen in love with orange again, I just love the way it looks paired with black, so I had to dig out this old ASOS bangle. I have a feeling it’ll be getting a lot more wear again soon, it adds such a nice pop of colour to my usual all black outfits. I’ve even been a little tempted by a bright orange maxi dress, anyone who knows me will know how unusual this is for me, but I really just can’t get enough of it, I wonder if because the weathers rubbish I’m subconsciously trying to make myself feel a bit more summery…

Also, if you missed it in the previous post, check out the little interview I did with Creative Fluff Magazine!

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