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Autumn Leaves

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Its been a while since I’ve been shopping & had something catch my eye & just instantly knew I needed it in my life. This Topshop dress did just that though, the pleated texture, structured shape of the full skirt & perfectly fitting bodice, I pretty much ran to the changing rooms with it!

This happens to me quite often with shoes though… I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore that weren’t autumn appropriate this year, but then I came across these in the sale & I couldn’t resist them. I love the chunky, nude leather covered wedge, neutral colour blocking & the minimalistic look they have. The fact they’re not entirely black & were in the sale seemed like a good enough justification to buy them in my head, despite the fact I’m actually running out of space to keep anymore pairs. They’re now slowly taking over my window ledge & my desk, but I still keep buying them & can’t bring myself to part with the older pairs either. I really should get some listed on eBay, but I’m far too sentimental about them.

The jacket is another of the pieces from my degree that I’m trying to wear more. You may have seen it previously here with it’s removable faux-fur collar attached. I enjoyed seeing this go from paper to a real life garment, mostly because I learnt a lot in the process, there are so many things I would do differently if I were to make this again. Many of them seem obvious now, like adding a thicker interfacing to the lapels to help the leather hold a better shape & not attempting to do intricate patterns of stitching on a home machine that doesn’t like sewing leather! Sometimes these little imperfections make something all the more special though, I was pretty proud considering it was only my second attempt at a properly tailored jacket. I really have the urge to make another though, knowing what I do now & as a more polished & perfect version.

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21.10.12 – 28.10.12

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#1 : Rick Genest AKA Zombie Boy by Mateusz Stankiewicz / I love how he has turned himself into a living work of art, and yeah, I do have a little crush on him too…
#2 : Julien Fournié Haute Couture Fall 2010 / I so wish I could afford this for my Halloween costume, so beautiful!
#3 : Ruven Afanador for Vogue Italia / Another of my favourite photographers & one of my all time favourite editorials.
#4 : Dsquared2 Spine Heels / Still really, really want a pair of these! One day…
#5 : Vampire Kitten / Couldn’t not include this, perfect for Halloween & how adorable?!
#6 : Unknown / Another Tumblr image I’m really annoyed I can’t find out who it’s by… Sigh…
#7 : Melissa Smith / Just stunning…
#8 : Natalia Brilli Heart Shaped Box / I’ve always loved Brilli’s leather covered pieces, but I came across this a few days ago & it’s now right at the top of my wish list.
#9 : Nikyta Gaia Zombie / I am obsessed with zombie movies & comics, so I couldn’t do a Halloween themed post & not include something zombie related!

10 Favourite / Most Played Tracks This Week…

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#1 : New York Dolls / Frankenstein
#2 : Nirvana / Heart Shaped Box
#3 : Placebo / B3
#4 : We Are The Ocean / The Road
#5 : The Hives / Tick Tick Boom
#6 : Little Barrie / Surf Hell
#7 : 22-20s / Devil In Me
#8 : Louis XIV / Guilt By Association
#9 : The Von Bondies / Only To Haunt You
#10 : Pure Love / Bury My Bones

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AllSaints A.W 12

Allsaints, Autumn, Winter, 2012, Lookbook, Opium Dress, Lena Blazer, Clara Jumper, Lucille Leather Skirt, Kubrick Clutch, BootsAllsaints, Autumn, Winter, 2012, Lookbook, Force Cardigan, Wasson Jumper Dress, Biker Trouser, Jules Boot, Biker Jacket, Navy, Blue, LeatherAllsaints, Autumn, Winter, 2012, Lookbook, Fur Shield Coat, Conical Tee, Biker Trouser, Widow Buckle Boot, Kubrick Clutch, Check Gaboury Parka, Roseport Ashby, Jules Biker Boot

With the weather getting colder, it’s really starting to feel like Autumn here & that leaves me longing to go shopping for a new A/W wardrobe to wrap up warm in. I always find myself browsing through my favourite brands lookbooks at this time of year, mentally making a list of all the pieces I’d like…

I’m sure you’re all aware I’m a little obsessed with AllSaints by now, and this seasons lookbook is no different, as usual I want every single piece! There’s plenty of what AllSaints do best, relaxed tailoring, innovative draping & every piece is infused with that effortless kind of cool the brand is known for.

This season I’m loving the prints that they have come up with, I’m not usually a print person but the opium dress with it’s mirrored poppy print has gone straight to the top of my wishlist, the subtle flashes of blood red against the black are just beautiful. I’ve also fallen totally in love with the check gaboury parka, again tartan print is something I’m not usually a fan of, but here draped so perfectly & contrasted with the leather sleeves it seems really luxe & the fact it’s in that shade of red I seem to be obsessed with recently is making me want it even more. I’m so glad they seem to be loving oxblood as much as I am this season!

My other favourite thing about this collection is the mixture of textures & the way they’re combined in one piece. As someone who wears a lot of black, pairing multiple different textures in an outfit has become my go to way of keeping things interesting, so pieces like the fur shield coat & the force cardigan with it’s contrasting leather sleeves are absolute dream pieces for me.

Unsurprisingly I also want almost every pair of shoes too, not that I need any more shoes & I definitely do not need any more black boots, but the jules boots are really tempting me, I’m in love with the harness detailing.

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Boohoo Boutique

Boohoo Boutique, Dresses, Collection, Black, Gold, Dress, Jacket, Studded, Sequin, LookbookBoohoo Boutique, Dresses, Collection, Black, Gold, Dress, Jacket, Studded, Sequin, Floral, Print, Lace, LookbookBoohoo Boutique, Dresses, Collection, Black, Gold, Dress, Grey, Blue, Lace, Embroidery, Lookbook

I’ve brought a few things I’ve loved from Boohoo in the past, but never usually come across anything very ‘me’ on offer, I always think of it as very similar to ASOS’s own label, but with lower prices & a generally girlier selection of clothes. So I was quite pleasantly surprised to stumble across this lookbook & learn that it was for their new capsule collection. So surprised that I just had to share it, especially considering the prices!

Boohoo Boutique is the first capsule collection from the brand & aims to be the more grown up, luxury companion to the core collection, but most importantly without the luxury price tag. All of the pieces are limited edition & range from £20 for shirts to £75 for huge fluffy fur coats. I think they have done a surprisingly good job at creating a luxury collection considering the low price point & there are a lot of things I could easily see myself wearing here.

My favourite piece has to be the heavily embellished mesh tank top, I’m not sure I’d dare wear it braless, but I do love how delicate it looks worn without anything underneath. The gorgeous gold biker jacket, the maxi dress & the chiffon shirt with gold brocade trim are the other standout pieces for me. I’d be happy to give any of them a home in my wardrobe.

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FAIIINT, Outfit, Gold, Black, Oh My Love, Sophia, Dip Hem, Dress, Mullet Dress, Asymmetric, Metallic, Foil, Tank, Jersey, Topshop, Knee High, Boots, Leather, Snood, ASOS, Balenciaga City, Wrap Belt, Style, Blogger, FashionFAIIINT, Outfit, Gold, Black, Oh My Love, Sophia, Dip Hem, Dress, Mullet Dress, Asymmetric, Metallic, Foil, Tank, Jersey, Topshop, Knee High, Boots, Leather, Snood, ASOS, Balenciaga City, Wrap Belt, Style, Blogger, FashionFAIIINT, Outfit, Boots, Leather, Knee High, Topshop, Slouchy, Black, Distressed, Battered, Detail, ShoesFAIIINT, Outfit, Gold, Black, Oh My Love, Sophia, Dip Hem, Dress, Mullet Dress, Asymmetric, Metallic, Foil, Tank, Jersey, Topshop, Knee High, Boots, Leather, Snood, ASOS, Balenciaga City, Wrap Belt, Style, Blogger, Fashion

I seem to be collecting a lot of clothing & accessories that feel a bit superhero inspired recently. It’s no secret I’m a huge comic book nerd, so it’s no surprise that I’m just a little bit excited to see so many collections inspired by superheros this Autumn! This Oh My Love dress is my most recent addition. As soon as I saw the metallic gold foil & dipped back that feels a bit like a cape, I knew I needed to have it & I’ve been swooshing around in it since it arrived!

These Topshop boots are really old & I haven’t worn them for years now, but I just had to dig them out to really complete the whole super-heroine look! After rediscovering them I’m not really sure why they’ve been unworn for so long. I put them away one summer, knowing it would be too warm to wear them & it seems I just forgot about how beautiful they were. They are ridiculously comfortable & the leather is really thick, but buttery soft, giving them that perfect slouch when worn. I see them getting a lot more wear over the coming months to make up for the years in storage!

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