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Bec Winnel

Bec Winnel Ginta Lapina Face Study Illustration coloured pencils pastels watercolour paint washBec Winnel model portrait Illustration coloured pencils pastels watercolour paint wash

Bec Winnel is an Australia based illustrator known for her soft, feminine portraits of supermodels & beautiful young women. Using a mixture of coloured pencils, pastels & watercolours she creates highly realistic, detailed work with a hazy, dream-like quality.

The painstaking level of detail in her pieces is breathtaking & they really have to be viewed at a large scale to be fully appreciated. Take the first image of Ginta – The tiny fluffy hairs on the bridge of her nose, the delicate freckles, the texture of the skin & flecks of glitter in the eyeshadow. These are all tiny, almost insignificant details but they are rendered so precisely, so beautifully & they take these pieces to a whole new level.

Her website is worth checking out just for the beautiful & unique design of it alone (it’s making me want to revamp!), but of course there are lots more of her lovely illustrations there to swoon over too, I would definitely recommend it.

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Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing Yumi burgundy oxblood biker jacket, ASOS black chunky knit snood, maxi skirt & balenciaga city bag.Fashion blogger Stephanie of FAIIINT wearing Yumi burgundy oxblood biker jacket, ASOS black chunky knit snood, maxi skirt.

Last year I got a little obsessed with this oxblood colour & introduced a few pieces into the blackness of my wardrobe. I’m not sure why, but it only seems appropriate for the colder months, it feels wrong to wear it when it’s warm. Isn’t that weird? Black isn’t exactly a colour associated with summer either & I wear that all year regardless, so why is oxblood any different?

I love the way burgundy looks against black though, and it doesn’t really feel like a colour to me either – It’s deep & moody, and feels like just another layer of black. I’ve been looking for a jacket in this colour for a while. This one from Yumi is made from a thick, soft cotton & has a silky jersey lining, making it much warmer than it looks, and gives it a satisfying weight to it too. I always think biker jackets should be quite heavy & weighty, they don’t have the same appeal to me otherwise. Topped off with my old favourite snood, it was the perfect outfit for running a few errands on a chilly autumn day.

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Winter Casual


It’s finally hit my perfect time of the year, when it’s cold enough to wrap up under layers of knits and leathers, and all my favourite accessories – scarves, snoods, beanies & gloves can come out again. For the next few months I shall be head to toe in my usual winter uniform of thick coats, stompy boots & lots of texture mixing to keep things interesting.

I’ve fallen a little bit in love with Warehouse’s wrap coat, it’s like a blanket that you can wear outside & looks so cozy, perfect for those days when you really would rather not get out from under your duvet! Plus, I think it’d be great layered under a leather biker jacket for when it gets really cold too. I’m always a fan of items with contrasting fabrics and both Vila’s jumper & dress with their wool/leather mix are high on my wishlist. Vila is a brand I’ve loved for a long time, it’s so affordable, but the quality is lovely & they have some brilliant pieces, I’m especially a fan of their jersey dresses.

There is a an extensive selection of ladies boots at K&Co too, including many of my favourite brands. I hadn’t come across this pair from Diesel before and I’ve been looking for something similar (but not the same) as the Acne Pistols for such a long time now. These tick all of my boxes, low heels, comfortable, classic & already pre-beaten up, the perfect pair of everyday boots. I’ve also developed a bit of a thing for biker boots after finally getting my first pair a few months ago & these KG ones are my favourites so far, the shape is perfect & the gold hardware & zip are such nice little details.

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De Polvo Y Viento

De polvo y viento jewellery natural silver bone organic jewelryDe polvo y viento jewellery natural silver bone organic jewelry

De Polvo Y Viento is the work of twin sisters Ana María and María Fernanda Gavilán. Based in Costa Rica, they craft unique, enchanting pieces of jewellery, which evoke the spirit of nature & a feeling of shared heritage – “Nature is expressed in all deep feelings of men; upon contact with their emotions dead nature transforms into an immortal poetry. The spirit rises into dust but still lives with us in the most poetic way.”

Their first collection, Espíritu de la Tierra (Spirit of the Earth) is made up of fragments of bones, semiprecious stones & metals, each piece crafted & polished by hand. Heavily inspired by Goethe’s great tragedy ‘Faust‘, it is translated beautifully in the organic, natural shapes & the way the bones are treated so preciously, like treasures themselves. There is definitely a tribal feeling to these pieces, but the delicate shapes & polished metals make them feel incredibly modern too; raw, yet feminine. I think my favourites would be the tiny bone ear cuff, I love the way the curve of the bone follows the ear & the fishbone rings, which are hauntingly beautiful.

“Birth and the grave, A limitless ocean, A constant weaving, With change still rife, A restless heaving, A glowing life — hus time’s whirring loom unceasing I ply, And weave the life-garment of deity.” – ‘Faust’ by Goethe

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